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iPhone 7 Concept Video Shows 4.7-inch HD-Display and new iOS


As we are going closer to the confirmation news of iPhone 7 design and development, designers from all around the world has already started speculating the expected design and features of Apple’s upcoming flagship device – iPhone 7.

This time a designer from Deviantart has came up with an interesting iPhone 7 concept design which shows a reduced design and a few interesting specs.

The designer shows the next iPhone with an aluminum unibody case which was cut with mono crystalline diamond and 4 different color options: Silver, Black, Gold, and Space Gray. The concept also shows a thinner body with a 4.7-inch Full HD display of 469 ppi density. The futuristic, iOS 9 is also shown which we no nothing about currently.

Check out the video:

The Economic Daily News also recently reported that Apple is also going to introduce new glasses-free 3D display for next year’s iPhone, that can be either named the iPhone 6S or iPhone 7.


Apple also tried for a patent of the 3D “Hyper Reality” displays that proposed to vary the perspective of objects with a screen with regards to the movement of user’s head, combining software and hardware to create effect. The 3D technology that Apple has employed, needless to say, may be the parallax feature that gives depth and 3D effects to iOS as the device is moved.”


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