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Six iPhone 7 Jaw Dropping Concept Videos That You Should Watch


Apple Inc. recently announced iPhone 6s and 6s Plus with the traditional performance overhauls. But in general, the “s” versions of iPhone are not that much anticipated as their s-less version, for the reason that s-less version introduces a whole new iPhone instead of some upgrades. This is the reason why iPhone fans did not stop wondering what the new iPhone will be, even after the recent launch of iPhone 6s. On the other hand, designers are busy imagining the concepts of the next iPhone by Apple. Some concepts shared by the designers are worth watching. To have an idea of what will the new iPhone brings to you when launch, have a look at the iPhone 7 concept videos below.

iPhone 7 with 3-Sides Display

This video  shows a concept design of iPhone 7 which features 3-Sides Display. Smartphones with curved screen from sides are already present in market by Samsung. Apple may also be eager to deploy this technology in its upcoming devices.

iPhone 7 Similar to MacBook

The new concept of iPhone 7 sharing similarities with Macbook. This concept is design by SCAVids. It can come close to the real iPhone 7 which Apple will be designing, because of the fact that Apple has recently been involved in designing mutual programs for iPhone and MacBook.

Wireless Charging Dock

Wireless charging is highly anticipated by Apple’s fans. It is the feature which we are still missing from our iPhones. This video concept shows support for Wireless Charging Dock imagined by Ivo Marić and Tomislav Rastovac.

Large Screen & Dual Lens Camera

This video shows a feasible design of iPhone 7 which is very possible. This concept design created by Martin Hajek shows that Apple will stick to its traditional design with larger screen, lesser bezels and dual lens camera for background defocus and 3D pictures.


Multi-Color & Bezel Less

A mind blowing concept design imagined by Sahanan Yogarasa can be seen in this video. It shows edge-to-edge display without any bezel with range of colors which you can see on iPhone 5c. There is also a possibility of mid-range version of iPhone 7 just like iPhone 5.

Sleek Design with 3D Touch

This concept video shows sleek design created by A.G. with a multi-level 3D touch integration. Both features can be find possible as Apple is consistently reducing breadth of its iPhone, and presence of 3D touch on iPhone 6s confirms to some degree that it will also be featured on Apple’s upcoming devices.


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