The latest iPhone that will be launched next year will be called iPhone 7, apparently. The year 2015 witnessed the S upgrade of iPhone 6 and it introduced some high-end features and ignited a new series of rivalry between Android and iOS. A great processor and an improved camera are the most stressed features of the acclivity among others. 2016’s iPhone 7 concept is presumably bringing a new design and a few mind blowing features.

The most recent patent by Apple which was published on 29th September by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and is little similar to the past patents from the company, suggests that the iPhone 7 concept will be going to change the percept of smartphones in the world. It can also be taken as a maneuver or perhaps Apple is striving to prevent the competitor companies like Sony and Samsung from using the idea. Though, it should be understood that Samsung has already launched an edge-to-edge display in the recent phone Samsung S6 Edge.

iPhone 7 Concept

For iPhone 7 design, Liquid metal is under testing to be used as the primary material in the making of iPhone 7 chassis as it is likely be more durable than aluminum. A significantly small quantity of liquid metal will be used instead of the other metal used in tech giant’s previous phones in order to achieve about the same degree of strength. Despite the bigger screen, this will most probably keep iPhone 7 thin and light.

iPhone 7 Concept – New Design Changes

New speculations say that the Apple Inc. will be introducing some enormous changes in the iPhone 7 concept. According to a source, the tech giant is busy testing a water resistant iPhone 7. This out-of-the-box feature is probably in the early testing stages, still, if it is converted into a reality, it is going to take the world by storm.


The technology giant company knows exactly how to break news out of anything that they develop. This is quite clear from the fact that two new phones iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus have just hit the stores and iPhone 7 has initiated to make rumors. One of the most storming features of the upcoming phone will be a 21MP camera. This camera will definitely leave behind all the Digital SLRs and nobody would ever need it!

iPhone 7 Edge-to-Edge Screen


The built-in iPhone 7 projector, which will be an apparent attachment in the phone, can greatly attract the executives operating in the corporate world and the businesses which need projectors for presentations to clients. In any case the projector is not out of order, iPhone 7 can be an alternative. All the work files and documents that need to be executed on a giant screen can be saved in the iPhone and then, displayed on the walls of the office or wherever needed.

We are hopeful that all these features will be made a part of the new phone before the iPhone 7 release date which is expected in September next year.