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iPhone 7 Cost – Rumors, Updates and News


With all these innovative features, I can expect that the iPhone 7 cost might fall between the price range of 800-900 USD relying on different countries and storage memory. The Phone could be offered in contract with mobile providers however at this point in time, it is quite difficult to anticipate which provider will have the advantage. With the contract, the customer will have to invest couple hundred dollars initially and rest can be paid in due course as contract lasts.

iPhone 7 Cost

iPhone 7 Cost

The upcoming iPhone 7 will bring a ton of new elements together with improvements in present features, not like other variants of iPhone which just brings internal updates. The existing iPhone lineup is missing an excess of components which their Android partners are presenting like NFC, IR Blaster, Curved Display, suitable Bluetooth effectiveness and a couple of other features.

Apple is sure to address their competitors with their next iPhone. However, there is a cost associated with all these features which need to be protected. Apple without a hesitation won’t be paying it for you, rather you need to spend for those added features. This beyond any doubt suggests that the upcoming iPhone 7 will be much expensive than the present line up. If the present generation of iPhone, iPhone 6S 16 GB costs $649 at launch, the iPhone 7 cost can be  on to exceed $649.

Apple products already are expensive. A more bump in price will absolutely forefront to a dip in sales. Apple watch is an instance of that. Regardless of being rich in features, its price did not enable it to sell approximate target. The fight for supremacy is also becoming more intense as Samsung is topping the table with new curved screen of Galaxy S6 Edge, LG with G series following tail to tail and Chinese producers soaring through the market, all with an appropriate price range.

A boost in price will certainly put Apple in trouble, with its consumers turning away to other brands leading to damage the image of Apple in the market. The image which is one of the main source of Apple’s success. From the above scenario, we are sure that Apple will not let its client turn away because of the price. But, a small price boost will be suitable for both the Apple and its fans.


If we look at the price of previous iPhones, the motif of price recounts to us a various story. The two current generations of iPhones, iPhone 6 and 6s were examined at the very same cost. This shows that Apple would not prefer to boost the costs of its new iPhone. If this is to be believed, then we can rely on that Apple will also keep its price for upcoming iPhone 7 same at $649 for 16 GB version.

Apple is sure to take the market by storm when it introduces iPhone 7 which will be blessed with some additional features, but from the view of its cost effectiveness, there are opportunities that Apple will hold its prices steady which think that Apple may keep the cost as limiting consider producing iPhone. In the end, either we will get an iPhone 7 loaded with features but expensive, or an iPhone 7 with finite features but at the same rate which is now of iPhone 6s.


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