iPhone 7 Curved Glass Casing – Rumors Suggest an AMOLED Display


So many Rumors have been swirling, for the iPhone 7 Curved Glass Casing some time now, about a purported 5.8-inch apple iPhone– perhaps also showing off a curved glass and AMOLED screen.

So it looks like, we’re catching wind of one more round of rumors — which are not so much supported or verified by the experts.

Highly popular, KGI Stocks analyst, Ming Chi Kuo, in a current note to capitalists, indicated that the 5.8-inch Apple iPhone’s layout is poised to be similar to that of the Apple iPhone 4/4s glass and aluminum brick-type structure. However, he included, in contrast to the fixed pieces of glass, Apple is preparing to use curved glass panels on both the front and the back of the iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Curved Glass Casing

In addition, in a case strengthened by both previous rumors and present fads in the display screen production industry, Kuo added that the future iPhone will feature AMOLED screen innovation.


iPhone 7 Curved Glass Casing

Kuo also believes that Apple is discovering the opportunity of implementing particular unique products that would certainly distinguish the iPhone 7 from an ever-growing field of competitors. He anticipates Apple’s is likely to go with glass for its new design.

According to Kuo, “If the supply of AMOLED panels is sufficient, we believe it is more feasible that it could be true, where a 5.8-inch AMOLED version will replace the 5.5-inch TFT-LCD iPhone.”.

Apple’s next-generation iPhone is expected to consist of cordless charging as well as new biometric recognition┬átech– such as facial and eye scanning features. These reports are perhaps a little bit a lot more sensible, as Apple presently owns a number of patents including the secure face-recognition innovation. Additionally, the Silicon Valley tech-giant recently obtained both face recognition professional Emotient and 3D modeling company, Faceshift, just last year.

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