iPhone 7 Design – Few of The Most Astonishing Designs


Apple iPhone is one of the top ranking smartphone that people expect a great deal from. Apple INC impresses its users each year with brilliant features and designs of the new Apple product. It Introduces such design that hasn’t yet been introduced by any other Brand and amazes its users.

All iPhone have a sharp and elegant body while being manageable and handy. The bend-gate controversy that was introduced last year when iPhone 6 and 6 plus was launched has also been eliminated. Hence the users can blow their worries off as their iPhone 7 won’t bend away in their pockets and waste their money.

The iPhone 7 Design is said to feature the new 7000 aluminum introduced in the Apple Watch rather than the 6000 aluminum used in its predecessors. This will eliminate the potential of bending of the iPhone in pockets of users.


The iPhone 7 Design is expected to be launched in different body colors. The space grey color will become a bit darker along with that a Rose Gold color is also said to be expected.


It is also being said that the iPhone will become taller and wider by an amount of 0.15 mm with a screen of 5 inches. It is also expected to incorporate Sapphire Display which will be, for the first time in iPhone history, SHATTER-PROOF

The iPhone 7 Design is expected to be launching with Force Touch Display feature. It won’t require the user to press but will detect even if you hover over any icon. In addition to that it will also measure the force with which the user is pressing on the screen

These brilliant features will surely elevate the status of Apple after its loss in sale a while back.

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