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iPhone 7 Design is Not Going To Be a Big Deal For Consumers


The upcoming iPhone 7 will have the totally new design and features as well. The new iPhone 7 design is smarter and sleeker than the previous generations. It will be thinner as compared to previous devices as it will not contain the 3.5mm headphone jacket. This would surely reduce the width of the iPhone 7 and will make it capable of competing with the other smartphones in the market.

There are many smartphones which are easily available in the market which are very sleek and smart than the existing iPhone’s. So, the iPhone manufacturers should think upon it very much to reduce the thickness and to make their upcoming product to be attractive and handy for their consumers.iPhone 7 Design

iPhone 7 Design having QWERTY

It is also heard from the reliable source that the coming iPhone 7 is going to have a QWERTY keyboard in its design. It is integrated into the device and one can use it by just sliding the screen up and it will be physical to the consumer. Slightly this is a backward idea but at this time there are rumors everywhere and to confirm it we have to wait for 2016. This idea is a bit old, as there are many other smartphones having the QWERTY keyboard in their designs and they are usually not liked by the users.

Elimination of Home Button


Apple is introducing the 3D touch which will fulfill the necessity of multi-touch as well. For example pinching the image to zoom in or to zoom out. It should be remembered that the former iPhone’s were not compatible for multi-touch. The existing smartphones are having the multi-touch functionality already so as a concern to iPhone they should come with a new attracting & destructive idea. As far as Home button is eliminated, the fingerprint scanner is also integrated on the screen. The iPhone 7 design is having these features & to entertain by them, we have to wait.

Crystal display

The biggest rumor which traveled along with previous Apple devices was having a sapphire display which is now becoming a reality in coming iPhone 7 Design. This may be a very significant change in the iPhone design. As the display will be on edges as well. This already exists in the smartphones but for the first time in the iPhone.


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