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iPhone 7 Display To Sport Traditional Apple Technology


There’s been a lot of talk regarding what kind of display will Apple’s next-generation smartphone sport. Recent rumours predicted that iPhone 7 display would be AMOLED rather than the IPS LCD display that iPhone has been using for quite a long time now. However this prediction was claimed very unlikely to be true by Ming-Chi Kuo who’s a renowned iPhone analyst. According to his recent prediction, kuo claimed that iPhone 7 display will not sport the AMOLED technology. Rather Apple plans to use IPS LCD displays for three more years at least, as reported by Forbes.

Apple Expected To Use Its Traditional Technology For iPhone 7 Display

iphone 7 display

By introducing AMOLED technology for iPhone 7 display, Apple can make the next generation smartphone to be less power consuming. In our recent report, we discussed how Apple will be using the same 6s battery for iPhone 7, which can cause disappointing results due to less battery life. While the battery life could be improved by using AMOLED technology, Apple still doesn’t plan to shift from IPS LCDs which are relatively more power consuming than the former.

AMOLED Display A Better Option For iPhone 7

Apple has been way behind in regards to providing high resolution displays. However it’s been long since other brands have produced displays of 4k resolution. This is because Apple competitors like Samsung and Sony are using AMOLED display, which enabled them to introduce higher resolution displays as the capacity of improvements is higher in AMOLED technology, whereas providing a 4k resolution is not possible using IPS LCDs.

Why Apple Might Be Reluctant To Make A Shift?

One of the reasons for Apple’s reluctance on shifting to AMOLED for iPhone 7 display, could be the complex production process of it. Apple’s already trying to save production costs by using 6s battery in iPhone 7, therefore it seems that Apple wouldn’t be wanting to make a shift to another technology with a complex production process.
Besides that, another disadvantage for using AMOLED technology in phones is because its less environmental friendly. Recycling AMOLED display is comparatively more difficult. Perhaps, these are the reasons for Apple’s reluctance to make a shift.



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