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iPhone 7 Dual Lens Camera and Dual Speaker Updates


The iPhone 7 Dual Lens Camera is having lots of rumors about the launch in September 2016 and the new chip suppliers like Cirrus logic and the analog devices have already started to book production capacity for their new updates advanced technology device and Digi times has even confirmed this update.

As according to the recent different sources it has been found out that Apple will be removing the main 3.5mm headphone jack on iPhone 7 in complete favor of a complete package including all in one Lightening connector for the audio output, charging and other various connecting peripherals and now again its being reported that a second speaker will be added to the device as well to create much more advancements to the new iPhone 7.

According to more rumor happening all around includes Barclays famous analysts believes and predicts that iPhone 7 will be having dual speakers which would e supplied by the Austin-based giant tech company called the Cirrus Logic. Barclays also told that the second speaker will somehow take over the entire space which is currently occupied the 3.5mm headphone jack present on the upcoming latest apples iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.

iPhone 7 Dual Lens Camera

iPhone 7 dual lens camera

Moreover, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus brand new ravishing models are also expected to have a dual lens camera option embedded in them with certain types of specific driver components which are to be supplied by the ADI. Plus the iPhone 7 plus would somehow lack a protruding camera lens.


Furthermore reports said that apple will be moving away from the Samsung and more of its A10 chips made for the iPhone 7 from its Taiwanese supplier TSMC. These chips will eventually go to the full production in June 2016.


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