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Will iPhone 7 Design Look Like Samsung S6 Edge?


A curved display can’t be named as a mandatory feature in a smartphone, however, Galaxy S6 Edge which was released in March this year has surely turned a few heads. The main credit goes to the unusual design which incorporates many iPhone 6 features along with a screen which is amazingly curved on both ends.

Do you think Apple will be introducing the same in the name of iPhone 7 edge to edge design? Manifestly, this is a question that one designer willingly answered in a video with a few iPhone 7 renders, looking quite interesting.

iPhone 7 Edge to Edge Design


Let’s see if it happens or not but Apple has apparently explored the idea of bezel-less wraparound screens for some time. Moreover, the company has filed many patents related to it too which predate antedate both Galaxy Note Edge and the recent Galaxy S6 Edge.

Video Showng iPhone 7 Edge to Edge Design

We have embedded a video in this post which surrounds the concept of iPhone 7 by designer Hasan Kaymak. He has shown some of the expected and prominent features of the upcoming set. The new iPhone 7 will be evidently consisting of a full aluminum chassis which will make the phone stronger than ever. A 6.0 mm thick phone will set apart iPhone 7 from all the smartphones as it is going to be the slimmest of all. A bezel-less screen is also a part of the video and amazingly, all the notifications in iPhone 7 will be featured on the two edges, making it the classiest phone ever! Have a look at the video below.



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