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iPhone 7 Expected Price – Rumors and Our Speculations


Apple Inc. has just released its new iPhone 6s but it was not enough to calm down the excitement of iPhone fans and Apple fans are already searching for the iPhone 7 Expected Price. They want more from Apple and are waiting eagerly for the next generation of iPhone which will pack all new features which Apple fans are looking. Waiting for your favorite gadget to show around is very nasty thing. That is why Apple fans are found killing time and being more excited by asking various question pertaining to new iPhone like what it will bring, what will be its design, which iOS version will it run, how much camera will it offer and so more.

iPhone 7 Expected Price


The answer for this not certain because Apple itself would not have fixed that yet. But from previous experience and current scenarios, one can guess the expected price of iPhone 7. This time around we have got multiple expectations for multiple reasons.

Higher Specification

The upcoming iPhone 7 will bring a lot of new features along with upgrades in all areas unlike s-versions of iPhone which only brings internal upgrades. The current iPhone line-up is missing too many features which their Android counterparts are offering like NFC, IR Blaster, Curved display, proper bluetooth functionality and some others. Apple is certain to answer their competitors with their next iPhone. But all these features come at a price tag. Apple for sure will not be paying it for you, instead you have to pay for those extra features. This sure means that the upcoming iPhone 7 will be much pricier than the current line up. If current generation of iPhone, iPhone 6s 16 GB costs $649 at launch, price of iPhone 7 can be expected to rise above $700 line.

Market Situation & iPhone 7 Expected Price

The market situation for iPhone is at worst. Whole market is flooded with Android phones, from budgeted versions to high-end smartphones. That too with more features than iPhone. Apart from them iPhone are generally regarded as expensive smartphones. If iPhone 7 launches with even higher price, it will surely reduce the sales of iPhone which Apple will not want. Thus, one can can expect that price of iPhone 7 will not rise to that much margin. A small increment will be beneficial for both Apple and Apple’s fans.


iPhone Price Trend

The prices of two most recent generations of iPhone, iPhone 6 and 6s were same at $649 for 16 GB version. It is also expected that Apple from now on will keep their prices same for all upcoming generations. If this is going to remain same, then expected price of iPhone 7 could be $649 for 16GB version and $749 for iPhone 7 Plus 16GB version. There are also many rumors which support this expectations. The final decision is now up to Apple, let it decide what it do in future. We fill definitely update you when we got any news or rumor of iPhone 7 expected price.


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