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iPhone 7 Eye Tracking Could Be Apple’s New Patent


According to the Yesky news channel, the iPhone 7 wireless charging could be possible in the next year’s release. Today, Apple patent once again associated with the eye-tracking innovation, which implies that the next iPhone 7 Eye Tracking might also become a reality.

iPhone 7 Eye Tracking


What will be Eye Tracking in iPhone 7

Apple files a patent which is is going to introduce a new software to its upcoming iPhone 7. This iPhone 7 Eye Tracking will operate in response to its user’s line of sight. One can also alter the interface in order to stimulate and carry out the respective information. This can be easily illustrated through an example i.e. if the user enters a word with wrong spelling and his eyes would watch this mistake, the software would detect the user’s line of sight and automatically correct the spellings. But if the device couldn’t find the user’s line of sight, it would not correct the spelling mistake making the system delayed. Detecting the line of sight would be more intuitive in nature. This technology will work more vastly for its users.

iPhone 7 patent

Apple takes note of various use case scenarios, including the Mac laptops and multi-touch iOS devices. The gaze-tracking system could be a perfect data choice for the company long-awaited Apple TV refresh. If Apple would include this feature and with the addition of voice control function then Apple would guide another type of hands-off control device.


Apple’s Bio-Metric Technology

Nowadays many of the devices are being introduced with the biometric technologies such as voice identification, fingerprints and face detection techniques. This technology is also been rooted into Apple’s iPhone 5s and iPhone 6s. Not so far ago, Apple has also got a new copyright of escalating the emergency function in the fingerprint detection. In a certain situation, the new feature mentioned above would halt the access to the contacts, e-mail id, photos or when the document is opened automatically activate the phone camera or microphone.

According to previous reports or you can say rumors, Apple next smartphone iPhone 7 will have a display of 5.5 with dual camera, 3GB RAM and with A10 processor.


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