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Forget Touch ID, iPhone 7 is Coming With Facial Recognition Feature


People all around the world are waiting for iPhone 7 to be dispatched which will feature an expected 21 MP DSLR camera and a sapphire glass. If these specifications were not enough for you to feel tempted to switch to Apple, we have got one more for you. Instead of a traditional Touch ID, the new iPhone 7 will be featuring facial recognition. The mega star iPhone 7 facial recognition feature among others will be releasing the September of next year.

Much time has not passed when Apple filed a patent back in 2013 related to a personal computing device control in order to activate face recognition and detection in the iPhones. Now, the company seems all set to exercise its rights and is going to introduce the much anticipated facial recognition feature in next iPhone. This new iPhone 7 facial recognition featureĀ is definitely going to surpass Android which has been manufacturing smartphones with face detection and recognition feature for quite a few years now as this will enable Apple users to control the phone unimaginably with the help of different facial expressions once the phone is unlocked.

iphone 7 facial recognition

Apple has been using the Touch ID for quite a long time now but now it is going to experiment with the face detection feature which is under test. It is claimed that the face detection feature has been successful 95% of the time in identifying the owner of the phone through different facial expressions. Apple has this magic where it goes back in time and regenerate the old concepts with a new touch in a totally innovative and unimaginative way. This has been the primary reason why they have been improving in their performance every year in and out.

With the recent addition of the face detection, Apple certainly is thinking more about making the iPhones more secure than before. Along with all the other benefits than an iPhone provides, it is expected that the iPhone 7 user will be able to answer a call with just one view which is something one might have never heard about or seen anywhere. This astonishing feature is soon going to release, so wait up!



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