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iPhone 7 Features That Should Be Included By Apple


The launch of a new smart phone is always a highly anticipated event, but perhaps no company generates the amount of buzz that Apple does.

Even though the launch of the iPhone 7 is still relatively far off, there is already a significant amount of speculation about what updates and features it will possess, as well as several opinions about what this latest smart phone from Apple SHOULD include.

iphone 7 features

iPhone 7 Features That We Are Expecting

One feature that Apple users sorely desire is a water proof design. Although Apple was the first tech company to provide a relatively waterproof phone by eliminating the back cover entirely, companies such as Samsung and Sony have far outstripped their competitor with the waterproof designs of their own phones.

Among the highly desired iPhone 7 Features, is a switch Apple’s relatively new Lightning charging port to the USB-C charging port that has quickly became the standard in Android phones. This is because a lot of devices apart from smart phones are starting to feature such a charging port, including Apple’s new MacBooks, and having a single charger for multiple devices would be highly convenient.


Additionally, Apple users would find the presence of wireless charging option highly desirable in the new iPhone 7. Convenience is the primary motivator of the majority of upgrades that smart phones receive, and there are few things that would be more convenient than being able to use your phone and simultaneously charge it without having to sit in one spot.

One final upgrade that a lot of Apple users would like is the addition of shatterproof touch screen. Apple’s screens have always been durable but one would not go so far as to call them shatter proof. This should be changed in the new iPhone 7 in order to provide users with the best experience possible.

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