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iPhone 7 Features – News, Rumours And Updates


Considering that the iPhone 7 has currently been the topic of various reports and has actually been visualized by many designers, the iPhone 7 features below can get a little bit challenging to figure out which reports you can trust. Keep reading to discover exactly what we know so far about the iPhone 7, and which reports about its features appear the most possible so far. And make certain to bookmark this page for an easy method to keeping up to this day as we get new info about the upcoming iPhone 7 .

iPhone 7 Features

In a current post a French publication, mentions that the iPhone 7 will be 67.12 mm wide and 138.30 mm long. This suggests if real, that the measurements of the new iPhone will be practically the exact same dimensions as the iPhone 6, 6s and nobody will be able to tell them apart. Generally, yet again there might be no design distinction at all in between the iPhone 7 and previous iPhones.

iPhone 7 Features

Rear Camera

In the iPhone 7 Features, you will see that the cutout for the rear camera design bigger than one on the iPhone 6s. So there is a likelihood that this could be a lens opening for a lot more effective camera. The iPhone 7 would have double rear cameras, back in January, the caveat was that Apple would likely offer a single camera variation of its large model. Now Ming-Chi Kuo has modified his initial forecast, saying Apple has decided on just providing the dual-camera in the 5.5-inch Plus, and will also include 3GB of RAM in that design to handle the image-processing requirements.

 iPhone 7 Wireless Earbuds

According to some reports, Apple could be about to untangle and release you from the pain. It was located that Apple had actually filed a patent to develop new Earbuds. These new earbuds will be able to connect to your iPhone 7 via Bluetooth and are anticipated to be launch either at the same time as the iPhone 7.

These headphones reports do make some sense, due to that there are reports that the iPhone 7 will not include a basic 3.5 mm audio jack Port. Some individuals have recommended that instead of the headphone jack, the new iPhone 7 will rather count on a lightning Port for audio transmission.


Nevertheless, it has been reported that design leaks have actually revealed an earphone jack on the design of the upcoming Apple iPhone 7. Who really understands, these appear to be contrasting rumors perhaps we will simply have to wait to understand for sure!

iPhone 7 Features

Smart Connector

Just as with all the rumors, in this post, they are open to altering. However, with this particular rumour about the smart connector on the iPhone 7, it has seen numerous sites back and forth regarding whether Apple’s next iPhone will have one or not. A number of days ago the rumour mill was sent out into overdrive since iPhone 7 prototype image, has clearly a location for the smart connector. Given that then new reports have surfaced suggesting Apple have actually shelved plans to include it in the next iPhone design.

iPhone 7 Design

The iPhone 7 features and its design is among the most fiercely spoken talked about topics in mobile innovation circles at the present time. And just recently an image that is expected to be that off next variation Apple’s next flagship iPhone has been posted online. Macrumors just recently released it and recommended that a confidential tipster submitted the picture, and it is a possible pre-production iPhone 7 unit.

Going into more detail about the image published online if you look at the bottom of the phone there are 3 dots, these dots where the previously discussed smart connector is supposed to go. Up till now the Apple smart connector has actually just included on the iPad Pro and it’s used to attach a keyboard.

iPhone 7 Features

Final Thoughts

Apple is still dealing with the iPhone 7 in both its design and features, so we don’t exactly understand what it will release. Numerous rumors suggest that it will resume using the intimate design that we have actually ended up being accustomed to over the last couple of years.

If there is one design feature that we can be more positive about that would be the removal of the rear antenna lines discovered on previous designs of iPhone.

Moreover, from the leaked image we’ve seen around the web, there appears to be an agreement structure that the iPhone typically protruding camera lens might give way for a much flatter, less protruding one. What that implies for the video cameras efficiency, your guess is as good as ours!


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