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iPhone 7 Panic Button Feature – What Will It Do?


Apple is going to introduce a  feature to its upcoming iPhone series and this upcoming iPhone 7 feature named as “Panic Button” when a particular button is pressed to it. This iPhone 7 feature was first to introduced in iPhone 5s which was initially serving as a purpose of unlocking the phone and as an identity verification of the user. This has also been implemented in iPhone 6, 6s and iPad series. The phone will be unlocked disabling a number of functions in the phone through various ways. For example denying the access to the email, photos, or contact information.

iPhone 7 feature

iPhone 7 Panic button

Cellular networks provide an emergency service in the case to alert the service providers while facing a difficult scenario. If the panic mode is activated a setting, a nearby digital device could be alerted through an alarm, prompting the owner to come to help the activator. The reason for this function is phone’s growing chances of theft and resale value of the handset. Apple presently provides its customer the facility to erase their iOS devices if the device has lost or stolen through its function named as ‘Find My iPhone ‘and it can be accessed through iCloud. It’s quite difficult for thieves to sell on or use your device once it’s been stolen.Other features are such as you can record through a microphone or by switching on the camera that who is using the phone. Recordings could then be sent on to law requirement in specific situations. This iPhone 7 feature will be quite helpful for their users.iPhone 7 featureUser privacy

CEO Tim Cook has been to a great degree vocal on the issue of user privacy. He said that every person has its own privacy. This is to keep the access of any other agency or company to our personal data or information as it is our fundamental right. We should all not give in to our privacy right.

As ever, there are no guarantee features in licenses will ever make it into future items. Numerous organizations are in the act of protecting certain functions or materials to effectively keep rivals from utilizing the innovations.



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