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iPhone 7 Features And Rumors – What We’re Likely To See


Apple’s upcoming flagship phone is just around the corner and the fans couldn’t be happier. The phone is said to be the biggest launch ever by the company to date. Naturally, there are too many rumors surrounding the phone. So much so that almost all features, both new ones and old ones, are being disputed by the rumor mill. Whatever the fact may be, it is almost certain now that the phone will be launched by this September.

Kudos to Apple for keeping an airtight lid on the details of its upcoming flagship phone. They had the people guessing all along and kept a great deal of interest even from those who’ve never bought an iPhone. In the heat of rumors, we’ve come up with some of the features that are almost confirmed. Here is a list followed by more details of those supposedly confirmed features:

1. All Glass Casing

iPhone 7 All Glass Body

Though the last few iPhone models have featured aluminum casing, the iPhone 7 is about to change that. There is a strong indication that the new model will feature an all-glass casing and one closely affiliated company has started working on the said casing. Interestingly, all iPhone 7 models are likely to feature this casing. However, another source states that the upcoming model may not have the glass casing after all, and the source got it mixed with the 10th-anniversary model.

2. The Eye Scanner

iPhone-7-Eye-Tracking Feature


Apple was the first company to have launched a smartphone with a fingerprint scanner. The iPhone 7 could feature the scanner through either a retina scanner or a face recognition software. The company had launched the current version of recognition software back in 2013 when it launched the TouchID feature in the iPhone 5 series. The competitors have long been experimenting with similar features, for instance, the Samsung retina scanner in the Galaxy Note 7 and the Microsoft‘s anniversary version with selfie login feature.

3. Multiple Colors

iPhone 7 Color Options

Unlike other features, the upcoming iPhone 7 will offer users to choose from many colors. Last year, the company launched the extremely popular gold version that instantly became successful. The first such phone was the iPhone 5 launched back in 2013. Apple could release a new set of colors to increase the popularity of the iPhone 7 and entice them to go for an upgrade. S

4. Three Flavors

iPhone 7 Variants

There have been rumors that the upcoming iPhone 7 could be launched in three different versions. Previously, the phone was rumored to be launched in just two versions, the S and the Pro. However, the fresh set of rumors state that the company is serious about launching the next flagship with one additional version. These versions will feature the simple iPhone 7, the slightly taller iPhone 7 Plus, and the tallest iPhone 7 Pro. The last version will have a 5.5 inch display and may well have a dual lens back camera setup. The same camera could also be featured in the Plus version but the plain version may feature a single lens back camera.

5. Fast Processor

iPhone 7 Processor

There has been a lot of buzz around the next installment of the iPhone 7 processor. Once sources stated that the processor would be the same as the iPhone 7 while another source maintains that it could be the all new chip recently designed by the TSMC of Taiwan. Other rumors suggest that the upcoming CPU will be the fastest chip to have ever featured in an iPhone. The company designation for the chip is A10 and it could be clocked at 2.37 GHz. Similarly, the iPhone 7 will be the first Apple phone to feature 3GB of LPDDR 4 RAM. Currently, the iPhone 6 series features 3GB of onboard RAM.

6. Larger Battery

Battery of iPhone 7

The iPhones are known to have reasonably smaller batteries but their efficiency and power management has never been questioned. The previous version, the iPhone 6 had a 1715mAh battery but still clocked decent hours for the day. The iPhone 7 is about to change that with its batteries. Though the iPhone 7 basic edition will feature a marginal improvement over its predecessor, it is the iPhone 7 Plus that will steal the show with its monstrous 2810mAh battery. If this is true, this will give the plus version enough horse power to last for a day and a half under full work load and a full charge.

7. Fast Charge

Wireless Charging in iPhone 7

Though this technology has been around for quite a while in other brands, the iPhone 7 is about to get its version of fast charge. Through this technology, you can charge your phone much faster compared to normal chargers. The unique feature of Apple’s version of fast charge is that it will boast a five volt two amp charging, which is almost double the current to what the iPhone 6 used to get from its charger.

8. No Headphone Jack

iPhone 7 No headphone jack

There is a very strong likelihood that the iPhone 7 will give up its 3.5mm headphone jack and will use the USB port for plugging headphones instead. In fact, the USB port will handle all external peripherals for the phone.  The headphone jack has been around on smartphones for a long time and opting it out of the iPhone 7 will simply render millions of headphones and other compatible peripherals obsolete. The decision has become quite controversial especially among the iPhone users as their future phone will refuse to connect with their favorite headphones and earbuds.

9. Lack Of Home Button

no home button in iPhone 7

Another rumor has it that the upcoming iPhone 7 will not feature a physical home button. Instead, the phone will simply use a pressure pad that takes into account the applied pressure from your thumb or finger. Apple have recently done the same to their laptop range and the possibility of happening it with the iPhone 7 is quite high.

10. Dual Lens Camera

iPhone 7 Dual Lens Camera

The smaller and simpler iPhone 7 will still feature the single lens camera, but its larger sibling, the iPhone 7Plus will likely feature a dual lens back camera. The camera module in both versions remains the same and features the same lens.


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