iPhone 7 Features That Will Blow Away The Competition


Apple iPhone 7  is one of the top ranking Smartphones in the world. It is expected to shine, each time a new Apple Product is released. It is a well-known fact that Competition is a part of any Game. iPhone competitor brands like Samsung, Nokia, HTC, and Lenovo have introduced many products to compete with its utmost -Rival.

iPhone 7 Features uses Ios, a completely different user interface that singles it out from the crowd of android phones.

Many previous products from Apple INC., were not up to the mark to compete with its competitors like,

  • The 8MP Camera of iPhone 6 and 6 plus was shadowed by the Nokia Lumia and Samsung’s 13 MP Camera Quality
  • iPhones lacked in the feature of water-proof body whereas Sony introduced this system a while ago
  • The feature of wireless charging had already been introduced in Nokia Lumia phones and was not experienced in the iPhones


But the iPhone 7 Features is launched with mind-blowing iPhone  7 Features that will certainly shadow its competitors and will be left behind in the Race.

The iPhone 7 introduces iOS 9 a completely new user interface along with that it runs on and A9 processor which has not yet been installed in any Android cellphones.



iPhone 7 also runs on a 4GB RAM and hold up to 128GB of built-in memory which is not offered by any Android phones

An amazing feature we all will love is the 21MP rear camera of iPhone 7 that will capture DSLR- quality images and videos and shadow its competitors

The feature of wireless charging has been introduced in iPhone 7 to level its competitors

Last but not the least, iPhone 7 comes with a waterproof body and Shatter-proof Sapphire display which is offered by none other Brands.

Thus the iPhone 7 Features has left all its competitors behind in the Race to get to the top and this product by the Apple will surely rise to the top.



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