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iPhone 7 Foldable Design With New Patents, Gesture Detecting Password Mechanism


In 2013, it is reported that Apple filed a patent to get hands on flexible or curved displays. Among others, Apple has also been awarded with the desired patent by the USPTO. These patents will be a part of the new member iPhone 7 design which will mark its release in September 2016.

Since the latest launch of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, the center of the attention is now diverted to the upcoming new entry in the Apple camp named iPhone 7. The patent that has been apparently awarded to Apple will provide curved displays to the coming iPhones which has already been featured by Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. A rumor suggests that the glass wraparound design or the famous foldable design will be an added bonus to the seamless and classy iPhone 7 features.

iphone 7 foldable design

According to a report, the newly featured glass wraparound design will help the iPhone 7’s screen to embark a position which will assist in displaying more content as compared to any other smartphone in the market today. The point worth noting here is it will not affect the size of the screen or the device apparently. To take as an example, with the iPhone 7 Foldable Design the content will look like floating around on the display. All in all, the content may look exactly like being in a loop which is continuously in motion.

The internet rumors say that the Apple may design the new iPhone 7 in a way that the glass exterior will be flaunted by using the materials involving liquid metal. Additionally, some of the conventional buttons might be replaced by the sensitive touch 3D sensors on the phone.


 Besides the patent technology, the company is also going through a gesture technology patent which will relate the password entry in the iPhone 7. This will ultimately result in unlocking of an iPhone with the use of gestures instead of the traditional biometric identification or alpha-numeric passcodes. The aforementioned gesture technology will also be working side by side with the Touch ID fingerprint identifier/scanner.

If compared, the present gesture based passwords utilized in the Android devices search for the pre-specified dots punched on the screen. However, Apple has inserted a twist in that and the iPhone 7 will be looking for ‘how a dot in punched’ instead of which dots were punched. This will highly help in preventing the passcode theft or any unwanted intrusion.

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