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iPhone 7 Glass Body – Rumors are getting converting to reality


Despite the fact that its method is too early to be speaking about the 2017 iPhone 7 glass body, reports about the device continue to persist.

Thus far, the news has recommended that the 2017 iPhone will be the iPhone 7S which will return to an iPhone 7 glass body design. This idea was first carried by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo back in March.

Reports About iPhone 7 Glass Body

Keep in mind according to Apple watcher John Gruber’s Talk Show on his podcast that his sources (on which our company believes are quite good) indicated the next iPhone will have a glass case, edge-to-edge display screen. Gruber has even heard that the home button/Touch ID sensing unit will be joined with the display screen itself.

This was all just speculation. And frankly, although we do not doubt that Apple has been working on the 2017 iPhone for rather some time (the lead-in time for devices like the iPhone and iPad are typically years, not months), it’s odd for such concrete details to leak so early.

Now those reports seem even more likely to be real. At its annual shareholder meeting, the director of longtime iPhone provider Catcher Technology Allen Horng said that the 2017 iPhone would certainly have an all-glass display. The catcher has been the chassis maker for iPhone devices for many years and the transfer to a non-aluminum chassis might imply Catcher would lose the company.


Talking with reporters last week, Horng said that, “As far as I know, only one [iPhone] that will launch with the  glass casing next year 2017.” Horng stated that he didn’t believe that it would affect his company’s earnings because the glass casing requires a durable metal frame that needs sophisticated processing technology and would not be more affordable than the present model.”

We need to note the remarks from a provider CEO – although fascinating – don’t verify anything about Apple’s future iPhone strategies. For all we know, Horng could be checking out the very same reports and rumors as the rest of us. It’s not likely that Apple has decided on all the parts for its upcoming iPhone.

Still, the fact remains that if a supplier is even talking about these type of problems, it gives credence to the idea that the 2017 iPhone will have a new design.


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