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iPhone 7 Will Have a Switch To Change To Android View


The Apple might drop the 3.5mm headset jack from upcoming iPhone 7, that has been a widespread on phones and devices with audio in general for as long as we will remember. The alternate is stated to force users to use wi-fi, Bluetooth-connected headphones or, as an alternative, headphones that connect through the proprietary Apple Lightning port.

We’re not arguing the removal of the 3.5mm headset jack is this sort of move, however, we’d now not rush to condemn Apple’s force to get us rid of wires in audio.

We’re positive the dialogue is simply beginning and we’re going to be listening to plenty extra about this because the time for autumn 2016 launch of the iPhone 7 comes, however inside the interim, we are able to just have a look at the remarkable comic strip that JoyofTech has come up to show what the iPhone 7 could look like if Apple listened to all of the recommendations and followed the guidelines of a democracy.





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