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iPhone 7 Headphone – Why Apple is Ditching 3.5mm Jack


The greatest rumor about the iPhone 7 is the removal of 3.5mm headphone jack. The iPhone 7 headphone jacket rumor is taking progress day by day as it is also in the news that more than 2 lac people have petitioned against Apple to retain the headphone jacket in iPhone 7. It is not an issue for Apple as they have done the same thing with the floppy drives, USB ports and now they are planning to rule out the headphone jacket.

iphone7 headphone jack missing

iPhone 7 Headphone – Reasons Apple Ditching It

Wrap around screen

It is in the news that the coming iPhone 7 may have the lowest phone screen ratio. It is said by the patents that Apple has filled that coming iPhone 7 will have the screen extended to the round corners of the phone. Its mean there will be screen all over. When this kind of rumors were coming out. The wrap around screen innovation may is tending the Apple to remove the Phone 7 headphone jacket.

Beats for everyone

Apple has worked for a long time with Beats and has spent more than $3.2 billion to acquire this electronic firm. They are no doubt the best headphone makers in the world. But they are going in some serious loss now, for eight months Beats has been valued to just $1 billion. It is a possibility that Apple is planning to say Goodbye to Beats to introduce the new benchmark for the iPhones, said by famous Forbes analyst.

Better sound for Apple music

The headphone jackets allow only the CD quality sound to its users but Apple is thinking to some high extent. They have removed the iPhone 7 headphone jacket and makes it lightning cable to integrate with headphones to produce a quality sound.



A thinner iPhone

The main reason behind removing the jacket is to manufacture the thinnest iPhone ever because 3.5mm jacket was a big hurdle in this way. By removing this jacket, the iPhone 7 screen can be further stretched down and displays a glossy look to its consumers.

Because they feel like it

Apple is a multinational corporation and is not dependent on anyone. They just think and make their ways to adopt it. They don’t care for anyone because they can do anything they want and anything they want to innovate.


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