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iPhone 7 Home Button – Apple Really Ditching The Home Button?


Pictures were taken in China as well as acquired by Apple Insider appear to reveal an iPhone without the 3.5 mm circular headset jack or iPhone 7 home button, implying the front of the handset looks like one smooth surface.

iPhone 7 home button

Credit: Apple Insider

The choice to remove iPhone 7 home button would certainly be a considerable one – the apple iPhone 5s, 6 and 6s cycles’ home buttons all sporting Touch ID fingerprint scanners for both unlocking the mobile phone as well as validating purchases made with Apple Pay. The apple iPhone 7’s display would certainly, therefore, be most likely to showcase some form of biometric fingerprint acknowledgment technology in lieu of the physical button.

Rumours have been circulating around for past few week over Apple’s strategies to get rid of the earphone jack in order to make the phone slimmer, slashing off around one millimetre. The business is anticipated to introduce its very own range of headphones which connect to the phone via the lightning port used for charging purpose, or which are wireless.

The company is thought to be introducing 3 iPhones in September – the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and a brand new high-end iPhone Pro with two cams.


Chinese website Bastille Post, which uploaded an image of an iPhone with double rear-facing lenses as well as a smart connector on its back which had formerly just been seen on the iPad Pro, claimed the capacity of the version would be upped from 128GB to 256GB. A second Chinese site MyDrivers likewise reported the brand-new storage size in January.

Leaked images claiming to reveal the back of the iPhone 7 portray a circular cam lens flush with the aluminium alloy body (unlike the apple iPhone 6s’ lens, which protrudes) as well as redesigned plastic antenna strips which only stumble upon the upper as well as lower portion of the mobile phone, rather than horizontally across the width.

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