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iPhone 7 is Coming With Joystick-Style Home Button


The rumor about the iPhone 7 joystick button is quite far out there, but it is not sure to be realistic or expect that this feature will be a part of the Apple devices for a while. However, it is definitely an outstanding idea.

Significantly the idea suggests that the home button on the new iPhone 7 will be capable of popping up on a small spring which will eventually turn into kind of a mini-joystick in order to let people play games. There are a number of iOS games which are going to benefit from the new hardware controller and it definitely sounds like a lot of fun.iPhone 7 joystick button

There is one more aspect to this decision, how many gamers would there be in the world? The gamers will constitute only one section of the Apple users and it seems to be a risky idea to apparently compromise the flexibility of every phone’s home button which is quite open to dangers and breakage. This will come out to be a feature dedicated to only some users. However, the patent for this feature has already been filed in 2013 so it can be said that Apple is seriously considering it.



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