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iPhone 7 Lightning Port To Support Headphones


According to new reports, it is said that Apple will abandon its traditional 3.5mm headphone port, as the company plans to make the next-gen iPhone thinner than it’s predecessors. Therefore, iPhone 7 lightning port will serve as an alternative for the 3.5mm port, enabling the users to listen audio with earphones featuring lightning connectors.

iPhone 7 Lightning Port To Support Headphone Connectivity in Replacement of 3.5mm Port

iphone 7 headphones

Apple was highly criticised for using a 3.5mm jack which was built in to the first iPhone, launched in 2007. Many Users had a hard time using the then standard headphones with iPhone as the 3.5mm port was quite thinner than the common jacks used in those days. The only choice for people was to use Apple’s standard headphones which came along with iPhone.

In 2007, Apple received another negative response after the launch of iPhone 5. When Apple replaced its traditional 30-pin Dock connector – used since the launch of iPod 3rd gen in 2003 – with a lightning port. The problem was that what would Apple users do about the multiple 30-pin connectors and accessories which they had, as surely they couldn’t be just discarded off. However, Apple said that it was essential for the company to switch from 30-pin dock connectors in order to make iPhone 5 thinner and better in design compared to its predecessors. Moreover, Apple responded to the complaints of its users by manufacturing lightning to 30-pin converters for $29. Similar is the case with this new replacement. Apple wants to get rid of the 3.5mm port in order to come up with a slimmer design. If the rumour is true, then a similar move of providing converters for lightning to 3.5mm jack would be demanded by consumers. Besides that this would mean that users wouldn’t be able to use headphones while their phone is charging. This is something which comes handy at times when you need to listen audio but your phone is low on battery.


There’s as such no official claims on this by Apple. However Apple has shown support to manufacturers for creating headphones featuring lightning connectors, which were introduced at CES in January.

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