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iPhone 7 Lightning Splitter Lets You Listen Music And Charge Concurrently But Will Cost $40


The release of Apple’s iPhone 7 made the iPhone watchers happier, but these days, the happiest are the smartphone accessory makers. Apple has eliminated the 3.5mm headphone jack from their newly released device. But Apple is also giving you the newly launched EarPods with lightning connector and Lightning to 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter. There is only one port in iPhone 7. The adapter for wired headphones (Lightning to 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter) has only one port. Are you probably thinking, how am I supposed to do charging and listen to music through wired headphones, simultaneously? Fear not dear readers, Belkin, accessory makers, comes up with iPhone 7 lightning splitter through which you can listen to music and charge your devices concurrently.

iPhone 7 Lightning Splitter

iPhone 7 Lightning Splitter

Belkin has a solution for this weird problem, with its $40 Lightning Audio Plus Charge RockStar adapter (actual name of the product), this adapter provides a way for you to charge and listen to audio simultaneously.

It supports 48 KHz 24-bit audio output, and if you are planning to use wired 3.5mm headphones then, it works with the lightning adapter that comes with the new iPhones.

The event has been done. The pre-orders are already going on from 9th of September, and the sale is starting from 16th of September, but Belkin will release this dongle on 10th of October.


How To Use

Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar adapter

Put this dongle in your iPhone 7 port, connect Lightning headphone jack adapter and charger in both ports of this dongle and then plug your handsfree in the Lightning headphone jack adapter. Do not lose any of them. The cost of this dongle is $40.

Interestingly but weirdly when you head out of the house, you have to carry this dongle, lightning port, your wired headphones and the charger.

iPhone 7 Box Include:


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