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iPhone 7 Liquidmetal Chassis – Is Apple Going Do To A Experiment


Liquid metal is under consideration to be used as a material in the making of iPhone 7 Liquidmetal Chassis as it is said to be more durable than aluminum. A very small quantity of liquid metal will be used in place of the other metal used in Apple’s predecessor phones to achieve almost the same degree of strength. Despite the larger screen, this may keep the new iPhone 7 thin and light.

iPhone 7 LiquidMetal Casing

The question is, Apple does really care about the strength anymore? The phone’s strength has been a major issue for Apple even before the iPhone 6S release. The reinforced sides and 7000 series aluminum metal have already made the new iPhones totally unbendable. In addition to this, eliminating the bezels in the larger iPhone in order to develop an edge-to-edge screen would definitely mean that Apple could inaugurate a bigger screen without any need to elevate the overall size of the phone.

It is also expected that Apple will be bringing in some other aspects of the technology that was utilized in the Apple Watch into the iPhone 7. For instance, the Apple Watch’s screen is able to detect finger pressure and therefore, the display of iPhone 7 or a small part of it could be able of repeating the same.



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