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iPhone 7 Memory Could be Upgraded to 3GB with Dual Lens Camera


As iPhone 7 is consisting of a number of surprising features like iPhone 7 Memory upgrading, all-metal body, OLED display panel messages and a lot more. But an industrial analyst Pan Jiu tang revealed that Huawei is not only is equipping its products with 5.2 inches touchscreen, dual cameras and 5.5 inches version of iPhone 7 but is also having dual lens design and memory capacity raised up to 3 GB.

iPhone 7 Memory


Dual lens in iPhone 7

Along with the problems like dual cameras high hardware costs and maintenance issues, a bigger challenge of difficult algorithms and software cannot be over looked. Many other manufacturers are trying to build up such software, but only Apple and Huawei are thought to be equipped with this upgraded feature. But according to gossips being heard about the iPhone 7 is that it is equipped with dual cameras. iPhone 7 is also equipped with 3 GB memory.

iPhone 7 Memory

iPhone 7 Memory Upgrade

According to a report submitted by KGI, an analyst Kuo Ming-pool said, the capacity of theiPhone 7 Memory will be 2 GB but according to gsmarena, it could be increased up to 3GB and both of these products would consist of A10 processor. It is very important to mention that upcoming iPhone 7 will give the 5.5 inches display and large memory capacity. According to the reports of Japanese site Mac Otakara iPhone will offer full aluminum body shell design. The purpose of this design is to check the ability to support wireless charging. In addition, to that, it will be dust and waterproof.


Early release of iPhone 7

iPhone 7 is also being redesigned by Richard Howarth who previously redesigned iPhone 4 in the past. Rumors also disclosed that iPhone 7 would be slimmer which is hopefully going to be released from July 7 to the start of the September of the next year. According to the foreign media, the release of Apple iPhone 7 is early because the sale value of iPhone 6 and 6 plus was not too large due to its fewer appearance changes. It is anticipated that hopefully the sale value of iPhone 7 would be better than that of the iPhone 6 series.


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