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A fresh iPhone 7 news restores faith in the storage upgrades rumor doing the rounds just recently. A supply chain report by TrendForce exposes that Apple might ditch the 16GB base storage version, and update it to 32GB.

The iPhone 7 news report backs rumours of a workable 256GB storage alternative, without defining whether just the ‘Pro’ or bigger 5.5-inch version intends to support it, and includes Apple might ditch the 64GB option entirely, changing it with a 128GB version.

iPhone 7 News

The report also states that the double camera setup is featuring the 5.5-inch iPhone 7, which Apple intends to use 3GB of LPDDR4 RAM, which can process the images extracted from the dual camera, while the smaller sized iPhone plans to keep 2GB of LPDDR4 RAM.

iPhone 7 News

Release date

Taking Apple’s release date history into account, it’s most likely we’ll see the iPhone 7 formally exposed in September 19, 2016. Both the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6 were revealed in September, and Apple has no need to alter its method. There’s also absolutely nothing incorrect with benefiting from Black Friday sales and the added to Christmas.If we needed to be specific, we would approximate the statement date for the iPhone 7 being on a Wednesday or a Thursday in either the first or second week of September.



It’s not likely that Apple’s primary iPhone 7 intend to be any much easier on the wallet than previous versions. A lot of specialists reckon the new iPhone intends to begin at $649 for a 16GB design, successfully filling in the existing iPhone 6s – which intends to see an incremental drop in price. If real, we might anticipate other designs with bigger storage – 64GB and 128GB more likely to stick to the $749 and $849 costs.

Removing The Headphone Jack

Fans have actually been exasperated by new which assert to reveal an extreme modification in among the crucial features of the iPhone.They appear to validate rumours that Apple is removing the headphone jack from the iPhone 7. If real, this plan to most likely suggest anybody who purchases the next version of Apple’s iPhone plan to need to use wireless headsets or hand over for an expensive converter.

iPhone 7 News


An image declaring to be the iPhone 7 Plus has actually emerged on Chinese site Bastille Post, fanning to rumours that the mobile phone plan to feature a dual-lens camera. The picture reveals an extending, pill-shaped enclosure – which varies from the two separate circular camera openings illustrated in some other online makings.

iPhone 7 News

Waterproof iPhone 7

The anguish of dropping your iPhone down the toilet might quickly be over as the most recent rumours suggest Apple’s next iPhone could be completely waterproof.This new product plan to also supposedly remove the requirement for the two strips of plastic that stumble upon the back of the existing generation of iPhones to enable mobile signals to reach the antennas.

Apple iPhone 7 Waterproof
This recommends that the body of the next iPhone might not be made from metal at all, however, some other type of product that enables radio waves to travel through it.


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