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iPhone 7 Pictures – Concepts, Leaks And Rumors


We’ve been viewing, collecting and sharing our thoughts after seeing the upcoming iPhone. The new iPhone 7 pictures in past few weeks have leaked and shared a lot of useful information that is enough to get an idea of how the upcoming iPhone might look like.

The new Apple iPhone 7 is anticipated to land this September 19, 2016 and for potential upgraders who have been struggling over what the new handset will appear like, one creative person has taken every rumour emerged online so far and used them to mock up concept design.

iPhone 7 Pictures

There has been lots of online whispering of what the iPhone 7 may feature from the possibility of a double-lens camera system to the removal of the headphone jack, and because it’s the two-year design cycle we’re anticipating to see a makeover too.

Here are the iPhone 7 pictures below:
iPhone 7 Pictures

The instant response to the design may dissatisfy some Apple fans expecting something a bit various as van Uffelen has forecasted a chassis design that’s quite much like the existing iPhone 6s. It’s the information that makes the distinction he has revealed off the larger dual-lens camera on the back, which has come out of the expected leaked images of iPhone 7 cases including a bigger space to accommodate a possible optical zoom lens.
iPhone 7 Pictures
There’s also the addition of dual speakers on the base of the device, coming in the region of the headphone jack, which is being largely promoted in spite of throwing up a lot of debate. The elimination of the 3.5 mm jack might also enable the iPhone 7 to be much slimmer than the 6s, although it does not appear like this render has been brave enough to hypothesize truly just how much thinner it would look.
iPhone 7 Pictures


On the iPhone 7 design mock-up you can see three dots on the back, allegedly representing the very same Smart Connector discovered on the iPad Pro that permits other devices such as keyboards to connect with the iPhone.
iPhone 7 Pictures

The size of the handset hasn’t been mentioned. However, it is being presumed that it will be a 5.5-inch device same size as the iPhone 6s Plus with the screen rumoured to be an AMOLED screen for the very first time.
iPhone 7 Pictures
When it comes to other specifications, there are a variety of reports mentioning that Apple will shift from LCD screens to OLED screens in the future. Some reports state that the iPhone 7 will get OLED; however, others state that the new screens will not develop in time and will show up on later iPhones.
iPhone 7 Pictures
Apple’s phones just sported 1GB of RAM, although lots of Android rivals used 3 or 4GB of RAM in their flagship phones. Now reports tip that the iPhone 7 will get even more RAM than the 6S. The famous tech expert Ming-Chi Kuo also stated about the iPhone 7 in another report, declaring the phone will work on a new A10 chip developed entirely by TSMC.


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