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iPhone 7 Plus Price – Release Date, Features, Specs and More


Reporting about iPhone 7 plus price, release date, its new features and specs like the Smart Connector, storage together with its initial cost in the market as a tip for you.

iPhone 7 Plus New Features And Specs

For sure we have heard a lot of rumors about the Smart Connector present in iPhone 7 Plus. Through the wise connector, a connection can be made with the keyboard which is indeed unusual for a phone, but it can also be used for the connection of headsets if the jack stops working.
The rumors are still opposing, and no one is sure about having a smart connector. Supply chain sources were the ones who developed the dummy of iPhone 7 Plus device to Mac Otakara.

iPhone 7 Plus Price


Another dummy of Apple iPhone 7 was being later revealed by the Macrumors and once again a smart connector was found on it with a little camera.

Apple iPhone 7 Rumors: 256 GB Internal Storage


Reports reveal that a unit of Apple, this year, may have a high-end 256-gigabyte capability. The alternative of 256-gigabyte will exist in iPhone 7 in addition to iPhone 7 plus.
Kevin Wang analyst of the HIS said that the Apple iPhone 7 plus reports will abandon 16 GB storage and will be available in 32 GB. What does not make it as our final statement is that it was directly published on social media and not in the statement of IHS.

Moreover, reports recommend that the dual lens camera will just remain in the iPhone 7 Plus which will be of 5.5 inches and the model being of 4.7 inches, will have just a single lens camera. It is expected that iPhone 7 will rather also resemble iPhone 6 and 6s as Apple is going with the LCD panel innovation this time too and the upgrade of OLED display screen will be in 2017.
TrendForce states that the production of this year will be of 216.5 million units as there is not much of external redesign found in it so overall there would be an 8.2 percent decrement.


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