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iPhone 7 Plus – Upto 3GB of RAM Expected With Better Camera


More memory in the next iPhone 7 Plus might indicate that Apple is pointing to further distinguish  its larger iPhone from its smaller one“.

In the year of 2014, Apple changed their tradition and launched two flagship mobile devices: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Although iPhone 6 plus was a larger version of the iPhone 6 and it has a higher resolution display. As there is not much difference in both devices but iPhone 6 plus has an upper hand due to its optical stabilization for still images.iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus Memory basics

According to the Apple insider Kuo. The additional memory in the iPhone 7 Plus will be included to check the performance of iPhone 7 Plus over iPhone 7. To see how added memory can give better performance, it’s important to understand the role of main memory in a computer system, for example iPhone. Whenever an application runs, the operating system stacks that application into memory so that the processor can get the information and guidelines which are connected with that program as quickly as possible.

Why would a larger-screen phone need more memory?

Right now, there isn’t a lot to distinguish the larger iPhone from the smaller one apart from the minor camera differences and the display or screen resolution. Still, I doubt that in a bid to try to raise its product mix/iPhone average selling prices. Apple will continue to add hardware/software features to discriminate its larger iPhones from the smaller ones.

Could future Plus models get improved applications processors, too?

In spite of the fact that Kuo says that both iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will utilize the A10 processor but he thinks that Apple might get benefit by developing a more powerful applications processor particularly for the plus iPhones. Let’s explain this with an example, since the larger iPhones are mostly in thicker suspension with greater volume. An applications processor particularly customized for the large phone could be permitted to more heat. The larger phones generally have larger batteries, which could allow Apple to give more performance at the same battery life. I don’t think such an application processor would need to be different from a designing view. If Apple needed to get truly favor, however, it could expand the quantity of GPU cores to better support the higher resolution display found on the Plus models.


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