iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy Note 6 – The Battle


The Internet is fully loaded of rumors concerning iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy Note 6, the most awaited iPhone 7, however likewise about its competitors with Samsung Galaxy Note 6. Many individuals are thinking whether the 7th variation of the iPhone will inherit something from the previous ones or it will bring something entirely new. At the exact same time, will Samsung bring a top notch item or it will be a dissatisfaction?

It appears that Samsung is decided to prove their opponents incorrect if they ever questioned the camera capacities of their devices. They prepare to present cameras that consist of a 1/1.7-inch sensing unit, though it is uncertain whether this will be on the Note 6.

iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy Note 6

Obviously, rumor has it that the Note 6 will have a 6-6.2 inches screen. It will use the Android N system and a 12 megapixels rear camera. It comes with 6 GB RAM and 2 alternatives for internal storage: 64 or 128 GB. However, it appears that it will be rather costly, at an approach, price of $1200. Bring in mind that these are simply reports, though.

iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy Note 6


Galaxy Note 6 To Feature a DSLR-like Camera

The publication added that the Korean company was developing an enormous camera with a 1/1.7- inch sensor and f/1.4 aperture. If integrated into the Galaxy Note 6, it will bridge the gap in between a mobile phone camera and DSLR.


iPhone 7 To Have a Dual-Camera

The iPhone 7 Plus is stated to have a dual-camera setup to improve the image quality, particularly in low-light conditions. It is still uncertain how the dual-camera system in the iPhone 7 Plus would work. However, a current patent granted to Apple recommends that it will consist of a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens that work in tandem.

There are lots of reports about the comparison of iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy Note 6 also. Obviously, it will have a 7.04 watt-hour battery, which suggests a prolonged battery life. It will come with a double camera, just like the iPhone 7 Plus is supposed to. Exactly what’s even much superior is the rumor that the camera will be flat, and not extending like it did on the 6 and 6S. The new phone will have 2 GB RAM (much less than the Note) and it appears that it will ultimately quit the classic 3.5 mm jack, replacing it with the wireless kind of earphones. With such fantastic advancements and innovations, it’s hard to tell which of the 2 future phones will be much better!

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