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iPhone 7 Pre-Order And Release Date Leaked


While Apple is planning to set a stage for WWDC in year 2016, a new report from UK, recently leaked about the iPhone 7 Pre-Order and release date. According to MobileNews, a huge technology blog, leaked a memo that was sent to Vodafone employees. According to the report, it was known that iPhone 7 is going to get released on September 25, 2016.

iPhone 7 Pre-Order will start from September 18, 2016

iPhone 7 Pre-Order date is expected to start from September 18, 2016. In the memo, Vodafone, mentions the iPhone 7 as the “new iPhone“. This is now clear (after the release of iPhone 6S) that the next iPhone is definitely going to be called iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 pre-order and release date

On several occasions, it has been confirmed that iPhone 7 is going to bring few major changes in terms of advancements and new features. New 12 MP, dual lens camera is one of the most hyped features of iPhones 7. Faster and better A10 processor packed with 2GB of RAM will make the iPhone 7, an ultimate device by Apple. As far as, the design of iPhone 7 is concerned, it is more likely to see same iPhone 6S design in iPhone 7 but few accessories, like Bluetooth mini earphones, will make the launch of iPhone 7 more exciting.

In software, iPhone 7 is highly expected to be powered with brand new iOS 10, with so many new features, that we will cover in our coming posts. Among the new features, following are the most hyped of all:


1. Wireless Charging – A huge number of rumors are suggesting that this is the year we could see Wireless Charging in iPhone 7 finally. It has not been confirmed by any official till yet but according to the analysts, this is not really hard for Apple to introduce Wireless charging in iPhone 7.

2. Lightning port headphone – It has been confirmed by almost all analysts, that Apple is going to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and the existing lightning port will be used to connected the headphones of iPhone 7.

3. Wireless Bluetooth Earphones – The brand new feature, that is recently shared by several popular blogs. Wireless Bluetooth earphones will be shipped inside the iPhone 7 box. Both the earphones will be connected via Bluetooth and there will be no cord in between the two ear pieces.

Release Date of iPhone 7 in 2016

iPhone 7 Release Date is planned in September 2015. If we notice the release pattern by Apple, we notice the same releasing patterns of all iPhones till date. iPhone 6s was released in the month of September 2015, iPhone 6 was released in September 2014, iPhone 5s was launched in September 2013 and so on.


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