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iPhone 7 Price And Release Date in Denmark


Anticipation for the upcoming iPhone 7 is growing with each passing day. Features such as stereo speakers, thinner Lightning and a sleek 6.1mm body is worth to wait for. Denmark too is a country engulfed with the craze of iPhone. The smartphone market of Denmark always has the love for the Apple’s iPhone. Many questions are arising regarding the iPhone 7, mostly about iPhone 7 price and release date in Denmark. But for you, this will not be a question now. We are going to lower your anxiousness about iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Price and Release Date in Denmark

iPhone 7 Price

Apple is very likely to keep its price of upcoming iPhone 7 same as it kept for its current and recent generation iPhone, iPhone 6s and 6 respectively. Apple has made its trend of pricing to avoid marketing backlash which it could possibly face. It is a right decision if it is true. Apple already has a premium price tag, above from which it could possibly drop sales. The trending price of the base model of iPhone is $649.

However, iPhone 7 price in Denmark will be treated differently. Its base price will be subjected to a number of factors. One is the exchange rate. Danish krone at the time of writing stood at $6.78. According to Forex estimations, it will reach $6.5 at the time of the release of iPhone 7. Furthermore, there are duties and taxes applied on imports, not only on their base price but on their shipping and maintenance charges as well. So, after summing up all the charges, we anticipate the iPhone 7 price in Denmark around 5000kr, exclusive of tax and duties. There isn’t any duty on smartphones in Denmark, but a hefty 25% sales tax is applicable to them. That will make the iPhone 7 price in Denmark to 6250kr. More precisely, it will be 6299kr, as per the way of Apple’s pricing strategy.


iPhone 7 Release Date

Europe, including Denmark, has been proved as a vital market for iPhone. Almost every generation of iPhone got tremendous success over here. Apple’s success in Denmark meant a quick service from Apple when it launches its iPhone in Denmark. And that is what we are exactly seeing. Apple has shown no reluctance in releasing its iPhone in Denmark in past, so is expected this time when Apple will launch its iPhone 7. Mostly, it is a week or two from the international release of iPhone after which Apple releases its iPhone in Denmark. Though, there is no proper trend in it.


iPhone 7 International Release Date

By now we know that iPhone 7 release date in Denmark will be after a week or two from the international release date. But the thing which is left to determine is the international release date. It will be only after that, we can conclude iPhone 7 release date in Denmark. So far, according to the reports we get, it is clear that Apple will stick to its traditional release date, which is around the mid of September. Most probably 20th of it. If it is taken for true, which to a great extent is, then we are likely to see iPhone 7 in Denmark just before or after the start of October.

Expected iPhone 7 Price and Release Date in Denmark

This was the expected iPhone 7 price and release date in Denmark, there is no official word on it. We will keep you updating as we get any news from Apple’s officials or from any other authentic source.


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