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iPhone 7 Price and Release Date In Hong Kong


You may call Hong Kong as a farthest but favorite place of Apple. There is a mutual love, found between Apple and people of Hong Kong. The way of expression of their love for each other is different, though. The people of Hong Kong express their love by getting aside from Android Smartphones, and buy an iPhone. This time too, the upcoming iPhone 7, which is expected to pack some mind blowing features is going to be the favorite of people of Honk Kong. They are very curious to know the iPhone 7 price and release date in Hong Kong. Let’s have a look at what is being said about it.

iPhone 7 Price and Release Date In Hong Kong


This is how we will get through to ascertain the expected iPhone 7 price and release date in Hong Kong.

iPhone 7 Price in Hong Kong

The price of iPhone 7 will have to go through a number of changes before it reaches the Hong Kong. These changes are due to some factors which influence the price of imports and exports in countries. How they are going to affect the price of iPhone 7 in Hong Kong? Let’s have a look.

Base Price

Of course, one must know the change in price will occur if there is a change in its base price. It is solely dependent on Apple what cost it will tag to its upcoming iPhone 7. According to what our expectations are, Apple will be pricing iPhone 7 same as it priced the two recent generations of it, iPhone 6 and 6s. The price is $649. Apple is most likely to make it its traditional price. There will be some expensive features, Beats wireless earbuds are one of them, without raising the price. There are some reasons behind it. iPhones already are too much expensive. A further increase in price definitely means a drop in sales, as the market is caught in intense competition.


Exchange Rate

The exchange rate will determine how much of your currency will be needed to buy the iPhone 7. The more powerful it is, more cheaply you will get the upcoming iPhone 7. However, Hong Kong dollar has remained almost constant for years at a rate of 7.7 HKD for a USD. That means the rate at the time of the release of iPhone 7 will also be the same. Accordingly, iPhone 7 will cost around 5000 HKD in Hong Kong, excluding tax and other charges.

Duty and Taxes

Apple’s fans in Hong Kong are fortunate enough to buy iPhones without any duty and taxes. Smartphones are exempted from duty and taxes in Hong Kong. Means you will only be paying the price tagged by Apple along with the shipping charges. If we add up shipping and other charges, we will expect that iPhone 7 will cost 5688 HKD in Hong Kong. Same as what iPhone 6 and 6s cost.

iPhone 7 Release Date

The strong sales of iPhone in Hong Kong is a great incentive for Apple to deliver its smartphone there in the first phase. This has been a trend for very long. This time too, there isn’t any reason for Apple to deviate from its pattern. So, iPhone 7 release date in Hong Kong will occur on the same date on which it will be released in the US. Thus, the matter of our concern should be the international release date of iPhone 7.

International Release Date

The easiest thing to guess about any upcoming iPhone is its release date. Apple has made a pattern of its release date, on which it launches its iPhone. According to the pattern, the release date occurs around the 20th of September. Same is expected for upcoming iPhone 7. But wait! Apple had already changed its pattern when iPhone 4s was released. This could also be the case with iPhone 7. So far, there isn’t any word on that, which makes us believe that Apple will stick to pattern with the release of iPhone 7. Thus, we are very likely to see iPhone 7 in Hong Kong in Mid of September.

Expected iPhone 7 Price and Release Date in Hong Kong

Therefore, the people of Hong Kong will be among those who will get their hands on upcoming iPhone 7 on the first day of its release. The price is also expected to be same, 5688 HKD for a 16GB variant. This is what can be expected so far about the iPhone 7 price and release date in Hong Kong. Stay tuned for more updates.


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