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iPhone 7 Price And Release Date In Norway


Europe is the place where iPhone is becoming prominent than it is in the US. Thus, it increases the importance of European smartphone market for Apple. Norway is no way behind than any other country in Europe. In fact, iPhone’s popularity in Norway is right from the beginning till now. Many Norwegians will be wondering about iPhone 7 price and release date in Norway, which will be a lot more different from iPhone 6s. That doesn’t mean for iPhone 7 only, but the iPhone 7 Plus and the rumored iPhone 6C as well. Let us reduce your anxiety. Have a look at what we have concluded so far about the expected iPhone 7 price and release date in Norway.

iPhone 7 price and release date in norway


iPhone 7 Price In Norway

There are some factors which distinguish price of iPhone in Norway from the US. They are not many, though. We can discuss them right here. Have a look at the following factors.

Base Price

For the base price of upcoming iPhone 7, Apple is definitely going to carry on its fixed price tag. The tradition of fixed price started when Apple released iPhone 6 for $649. The Same price was continued for iPhone 6s. For iPhone 7, Apple surely will stick to its price. Moving from it will prove too difficult of Apple to market it, as Apple is already having a hard time with the premium price tag. With competition so intense, Apple no doubt will carry this price for its upcoming iPhone 7.

Exchange rate

The appreciation of US dollar against Norwegian Krone is going to hurt Norwegians very badly. iPhone 7 is expected to cost same as iPhone 6 and 6s in the US. But we don’t think that same is going to be the case with Norway. It will be expensive in Norway because of appreciation of US dollar. At the time of the release of iPhone 7, 1 US dollar, according to market prediction, will cost about 9 Norwegian Krone. So, the price of iPhone 7 in Norway, post taxes and duties, is expected to be around 5850 Kr.


Duties & Taxes

Smartphones in Norway are exempted from duties but not from sales tax. A hefty percent of 25 will be levied on the upcoming iPhone 7. That is definitely going to make it more expensive. It is calculated to be around 7300 Kr. Almost same as iPhone 6s. Thus, it can be said that iPhone 7 in Norway will cost same as iPhone 6s cost. That is 7390 Kr.

iPhone 7 Release Date In Norway

iPhone 7 release date in Norway will occur after its international release. So first, check out when iPhone 7 will be released internationally. So far, the news regarding iPhone 7 international release date makes us to firmly believe that Apple will be sticking to its traditional release date. It occurs in the mid of September. Obviously, Apple will not take a risk of confronting directly with Samsung’s Galaxy S7. Samsung’s flagship model is also expected to debut very soon. Thus, it is almost confirmed that iPhone 7 will show itself to the world in September. Mostly around the twentieth of it.

Release Date Phase

As I told you before, Norway has always been an important marketplace for Apple. This is also evident from the past release dates. iPhone is always released in Norway in the second wave of its international release. There aren’t any report of Apple changing its mind and why it should? Norway is of too much important for Apple. The second wave of iPhones international release usually happens after about two weeks from international release. It changes somewhat to an extent. However, it is same for the majority of the time. Just as it was in the case of iPhone 4s, 5, 6 and 6s. So, it is very likely to hit shelves of Norway around the beginning of October.

Expected iPhone 7 Price and Release Date in Norway

Thus, we have reached an expected conclusion. iPhone 7 price and release date in Norway is 7390 Kr and the first week of October respectively. Officially, Apple hasn’t said anything about the iPhone 7 price and release date in Norway. But as per speculations, it is highly possible one. We will be updating you with each new rumor or report about it.


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