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iPhone 7 Price in Australia – Release Date & News


Australians have so much love for iPhone. It is one of the biggest markets with a huge share of users. But they do not seem to be happy with the price tag they carry in Australia. iPhones in Australia are becoming expensive with each passing day. But is Apple to blame for this? Not at all. There are other factors involved in this price chaos. Many wonders about upcoming iPhone 7 price in Australia. Will that too will be expensive or there is any chance of good luck? We have got answers to all of your questions.

iPhone 7 Price Release Date In Australia


iPhone 7 Price in Australia – Expectations

To expect iPhone 7 price in Australia, we must look at the reasons which affect its price. One of the major reason for the expensiveness of iPhone in Australia is its currency. Australian Dollar is being depreciated now, which is making an impact on the iPhone prices. iPhone 6 was released in Australia at AU$869 for 16 GB version. While iPhone 6s, which was priced same in the US, cost AU$1079 in Australia. The reason behind this is that the value of AU$ decreased in the period, accounting for the increase in the price.

Other is the sales tax levied on it. Generally, it is applicable in all countries at different rates. In Australia, it is 10%, imposed as Value Added Tax (VAT). So every iPhone generally becomes 10% more expensive in Australia. If we counter the effects of both currency and tax, the price is very same as it is in the US.

How Apple will price its upcoming iPhone 7 is also important. It kept the price of iPhone 6s same as that of iPhone 6 when it was launched. Many believe from this that Apple has now fixed its rate and will not exceed further. But keeping in mind that iPhone 6s was just a facelift of iPhone 6 while iPhone 7 will be a totally new phone. With the tremendous features expected to be available on iPhone 7, we are highly of the opinion that it will cost more than iPhone 6s.


In the end, iPhone 7 price in Australia will be around AU$1200 depending on the value of Australian dollar. But if Apple increases its price for iPhone 7 of which we are almost sure, then iPhone 7 price in Australia will be around AU$1400, again depending on the value of Australian dollar.

Release Date of iPhone 7 in Australia

We will be not be neglecting these factors to determine iPhone 7 price in Australia, we will go according to it. As far as iPhone 7 release date is concerned, it is expected to be released in the month of September 2016. But according to, AustralianNetworkNews, a Chinese mobile leak, confirms the release date of iPhone 7 in Australia.


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