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iPhone 7 Price in Belgium


The upcoming iPhone 7 is already taking the masses by storm. It is becoming popular even before its release. All because of the features it is expected to bring. But to interrupt you, let me tell you that there will be the price that will be needed to be paid. The upcoming iPhone 7 is no exception in Belgium. The cockpit of Europe buzzing with the news of upcoming iPhone 7. Now we need to talk about the iPhone 7 price in Belgium.

iPhone 7 Price In Belgium

Expected iPhone 7 Price in Belgium

The iPhone 7 price in Belgium will be dependent on some factors. These are very common factors which are often overlooked by the buyers, which causes them to wonder about how the price was made. Let’s have a brief look onto them.

Base Price

It will be the very basic component of the iPhone 7 price in Belgium. According to the expectations, Apple once again follows the price line it set with the iPhone 6. The price line is $649 for a 16GB variant. There are some reasons to believe in it. One is that the Apple likes to follow its traditions.

Exchange Rate

This is the factor in which your country has to do something for you. Exchange rates will determine how much the equivalent of dollars you will be paying for the upcoming iPhone 7. As per the speculations, 1 US dollar will cost €0.9 at the iPhone 7 release date in Belgium. Thus, iPhone 7 will cost around 584 in Euros


Taxes and Duties

In Belgium, smartphones are subjected to 21% sales tax but are exempted from duties. Sales tax will be applied to the price of iPhone 7 and its shipping and other charges as well. By calculation, it will cost around €720 in Belgium.


We can conclude that iPhone 7 price in Belgium will be €749, same as the iPhone 6s for the base model. Note that this is the expected price, actual one might differ slightly from it.


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