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iPhone 7 Price in Canada


Canadians have such a great adoration for iPhone. It is one of the greatest selling point of Apple with gigantic figure of sells. But they have started raising concerns over the price tag it carries in Canada. iPhones in Canada are getting costly with every passing day. But is Apple accountable for all of this? Not in any manner. There are different reasons which cause this increase in the price of iPhone 7 in Canada.


Numerous people wonder about upcoming iPhone 7 price in Canada. Will that too will be costly or there is any shot of good fortunes? We have our own opinions.

iPhone 7 Price Release Date In China

As I told you before, Apple has nothing to do with the price hike of iPhone in Canada, but there are other reasons which need to be considered to figure out expected iPhone 7 price in Canada.

Canadian Dollar vs US Dollar

The major reason for the increasing price of iPhone in Canada is the fluctuation of Canadian Dollar against the US Dollar. The increased exchange rate value of US Dollar has shown its effects not only in Canada, but in other countries like Australia and European countries. iPhone becomes expensive in these countries too.


iPhone 7, which is expected to make debut in September next year has to go through currency transfer before being priced in Canada. Looking at the graph of CAD against USD, there is a declining line of CAD, means CAD will lose further value to USD. It will for sure account for the difference in iPhone 7 price in Canada and in US.

Apple’s Base Price of iPhone 7 in Canada

One more important factor to look into is Apple’s base price of iPhone 7, or iPhone 7 price in US. Apple kept the price of its recently released iPhone 6s same as that of iPhone 6 when it was launched. For many, it is seen as that Apple has acquired limit on its price and will not go beyond this for every next model of iPhone. But I am of the view that iPhone 6s was just an update of iPhone 6, its price was kept same to achieve the sales which are generally low for every ‘s’ variants of iPhone. On the other hand, iPhone 7 will be a totally new iPhone. The feature it is expected to contain makes me sure that iPhone 7 will not cost same as iPhone 6 or 6s.

Considering the effect of currency and Apple’s base price, iPhone 7 price in Canada is expected to be around $649 for 16 GB variant. Note, This is the expected iPhone 7 price in Canada, there is no any official word on it from Apple. We will keep you updating when we get any new words on it.


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