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iPhone 7 Price in China


Larger screen, built-in projector, waterproofed body, iOS 9 & slimmer shape – Apple’s iPhone 7 is dropping soon in the market!

From the first iPhone launched in 2007 to the latest iPhone 6 launched in 2015, apple has reinvented the phone. With the addition of new, never seen before and heart catchy features in the iPhone, the customers have always paid what the company demanded. Of course, it is iPhone after all! 

iPhone 7 Price Release Date In China


So, the Chinese fans asking about the iPhone 7 price in China, here is the detail of expectations according to the rumors, reports and opinions so far. As far as the release date of iPhone 7 in china is concerned, there is no confirmed news yet, but, so many rumors are suggesting to see iPhone 7 in China in the month of Apri 2016.

iPhone 7 Price in China – Past Trends

To conclude iPhone 7 price in China, we must have a look at the trend of iPhone price in it. Talking about ups and downs in the price of iPhone in China, the first ever iPhone i.e. iPhone 1G costs 2700 CNY approximately. The price drops considerably as we move to the second phone of Apple, iPhone 3G (8GB), to 800 CNY; this is particularly because the iPhone switched to a cheaper plastic rear casing than that of the metallic rear casing in iPhone 1. The iPhone 4 series ranges from 1200- 1500 CNY in the market. Whereas, the iPhone 5 series ranges from 1800- 4000 CNY.


Talking about the latest of iPhones, iPhone 6 series, it includes 4 different models: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus.  This series ranges from 5000- 8000 CNY. Apple seems to follow an alternating series for the introduction of new design and adding some new features to the previous model. The major new designs introduced by iPhone were in iPhone 4, iPhone 5 & iPhone 6. The ‘S’ added after the models indicate the alternative of the new design i.e. introduction of new features. iPhone 7 is expected to be another major new design for the iPhone series.


The fact that iPhone 7 will come with an “All New” tag, means it will a totally upgraded iPhone, both in term of Hardware and Software. But that upgrades will surely result in increase iPhone 7 price in China and in the world. But there are other factors which may keep Apple from raising iPhone price, one of them is the intense competition from other manufacturers. Apple is expected to find a middle way to cope with both situations.

Taking into consideration the new features of iPhone, we expect iPhone 7 price in China to be somewhere between 8000- 10000 CNY. The major new expected features of iPhone 7 include waterproofed screen, top to bottom screen, iOS 9, built-in-projector, 5+ inch screen, reversible USB charger & touch ID display.


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