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iPhone 7 Price Could Be Around $849 Without Carrier Contract


In the latest rumor, analysts suggest that Apple’s iPhone 7 Price could be anywhere around $649 to $849 besides the fees charged by any carrier. If this is the fact then iPhone 7 would clearly be the most expensive smartphone till date by Apple.

We have already shared the expected specs and features of iPhone 7 earlier on our site. It has been almost confirmed that iPhone 7 would hit market by the 3rd quarter of 2015.

If new buyers of iPhone 7 are going to pay this price, they’re definitely getting rewarded by awesome specs and amazing new features in the device. While not much of these speculations are confirmed yet, reliable sources and reports suggest that Apple’s iPhone 7 will surely have a larger screen size than previous models and hi-res camera of around 21MP for taking DSLR like quality images.

It has also been in the talks that the home button might get removed from the front body replaced by a TouchID sensor. With all these, it has been demanded and also expected that the future iPhone should have a huge space to cater the needs to always increasing file size of the apps, images and videos. It’s been rumored that the iPhone 7 might be get the title of becoming the first ever smartphone with 256GB of built-in storage.

Considering all such exciting features and specs, we can expect the device with a big price tag.



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