iPhone 7 Price – Expectations, Opinions and Rumors


The iPhone has always been the dream phone of almost all the smartphone users worldwide. Apple fans, in fact, all smartphone users are always keen to know about the features that Apple offer with every new iPhone each year. The iPhone 7 release date is not too far now, but a common question which arises in every brain before the launch is What will be the new features in upcoming iPhone 7 or “What will be iPhone 7 price?”

The price of iPhone 7 is being debated on every forum online. Generally, iPhones are far more expensive than their competitors. The fact that they are smartphones with unique interface make them stand out from the rest of the market, flooded with Android and Windows mobile. Thus, their price demand is totally justified.

iPhone 7 Price – Fans Expectations

Let’s talk about iPhone 7 price and features. So far, it has been expected that the new smartphone from Apple will see a massive upgrade in terms of specifications and features. The bend-gate issue will also be addressed with more premium build material, a 12 Megapixel camera is also highly anticipated as it has been years since Apple is releasing the traditional 8 Megapixel camera.

iphone 7 price

Apart from them, Apple is also expected to bless its upcoming iPhone with latest features like NFC, wireless charging, IR Blaster and many other features, which can be found in the existing phones of other manufacturers and direct competitors of iPhone.


According to many experts and analysts, the year 2016 is the golden opportunity for Apple to reply to the competitors. But these enhancements in the specs and features of iPhones 7 will definitely increase the price worldwide.

So, if you’re expecting that the new iPhone will continue the same price pattern then you might be proved wrong this year as there are so many new features are expected in with the new iPhone this year.

iPhone 7 Price in USA

iPhone’s price benchmark is set based on the price in US market. So the iPhone 7 price in USA will be largely dependent on carriers, as more than 70% of iPhones are sold in USA alone through the carrier plans.

For the sake of the expectation, we have to see the past price pattern with every release. If Apple is going to keep the same price pattern for both ‘simple’ and ‘plus’ version of the upcoming iPhone, then we CAN expect the iPhone 7 price starting from $649, $749 and $849, for 16GB, 64GB and 128 GB respectively.

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But again, based on the rumors we have shared so far, it looks like Apple is going to introduce new features, like water resistant body, solid aluminum casing, dual cameras, wireless earphones and even long-awaited wireless charging. If this is going to be true, then the price of iPhone 7 is definitely going to be on a higher side.

Experts’ Opinions About the Upcoming iPhone’s Price

We all know that Apple products always come with big price tags, a further bump in price will definitely lead to a dip in sales. The Apple Watch is an example of that. Despite being rich in features, its price tag did not allow it increase the sales graph. The battle of supremacy is also becoming more fierce as Samsung is topping the table with new curved screen Galaxy S7 Edge, with LG’s G series following tail to tail and Chinese manufacturers rocketing through the market, all with an affordable price range.

iphone 7 price


An increase in the price with the release of iPhone 7 will surely put the Apple in trouble with the sales. As consumers are moving quickly to other brands offering same and even more features with far lower price tags.

We don’t have much to say about the iPhone 7 price but so far what the features and innovations that Apple is going to bring with the new iPhone, we can only say, it is going to be a little higher than the current price ranges of the iPhone. But a little higher price won’t hurt much the feelings of ‘iFans’.

What Rumors are Suggesting about iPhone 7 Price

Rumors all around the web are suggesting that it’s in the favor of Apple to keep the pricing at the same range as they did with iPhone 6S. Consumers have already started to switching to other brands which are offering features like, wireless charging, bigger and better battery performance, water resistant bodies and much more.

But it has to kept in mind that the last two versions of iPhones (iPhone 6 and iPhone6S) had everything in common except the new 3D touch feature and the price was kept the same. But a little increase in the price would be fine if Apple has planned to compete in the market to retain the crown by offering all the hyped features which are the demand of both the consumers and the market trend.


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iphone 7 price
iPhone 7 Price – Expectations, Opinions and Rumors

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