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iPhone 7 Price In Germany


There is always an excitement regarding the release of every iPhone. Especially about the one which will face-off against the great Galaxy S7. Yes, I am talking about the dream phone, iPhone 7. Germans are no way behind in this excitement. I hope you know what people do in excitement. Question, question, and question. For their good, we are here to help them out with every query of them regarding the upcoming iPhone 7. Right now, we will let you know the iPhone 7 price in Germany.

iPhone 7 Price In Germany

Expected iPhone 7 Price in Germany

Apple will never tell anyone about the iPhone 7 price in Germany and anywhere, so, we will ascertain it from the factors which make up the price. Have a brief look on them.

Base Price

The base price is the price of the base model when it reaches the outlet (not to the users). This price doesn’t include any cost occurred on the way to the hands of customers. So far, good news is ringing about the base price of iPhone 7. Apple will be sticking to the price trend it has set with the iPhone 6. iPhone 6s was the first iPhone to follow the trend. The upcoming iPhone 7 is also expected to follow the trend. That means the base price of iPhone 7 will $649.

Exchange Rate

This is the factor which differentiates between the price of iPhone in the US and in other countries. Your economy also plays a part in determining how much you will be required to spend to pocket the iPhone 7. At the time of writing, the US dollar stood at €0.89. However, at the time of iPhone 7 release date in Germany, it expected to be around $0.92 according to the Forex. That means iPhone 7 price in Germany will be about €600, excluding other expenses.


Other Expenses

Other expenses include shipping charges, taxes and duties. Luckily, smartphones are exempted from duties in Germany. There is moderate shipping charges and 19% sales tax on the price of smartphones plus their shipping. Making some calculation and assumption, it can be safely said that iPhone 7 price in Germany will be around €720


After rounding up all the factors concerned, it is quite easy to say that iPhone 7 price in Germany will be same as that of iPhone 6s, i.e. €744 for the 16GB variant.


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