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iPhone 7 Price – The Priciest iPhone of All?


The latest iPhone 7 Price  or 6S has been a center of much speculation related to its design, features, camera and what not. Many are concerned about its lack of many features, which can lead to a disappointment in the expectations set by the iPhone 7.

The latest analysis shows that Apple’s iPhone 7 Price could range between $649-$849, excluding any carrier charge. If this turns out to be true, then iPhone 7 Price could be the priciest phone ever made by Apple till this date. But are the features worth paying such a huge amount of money?

If you have decided to purchase the new iPhone 7 Price , then you are not going to regret it, since there are many features to look forward to. Although, many are just rumors and speculations and have not been confirmed as yet, but we can expect nothing but the best from Apple.

Apple’s new will have the largest screen as compared to the previously introduced versions. This is great for watching movies or videos on your phone. Also, the camera will have 21 megapixels, and can be expected to have a DSLR-like quality. This is a huge advancement as compared to its previous counter parts. This is an amazing addition for people wanting to take great pictures and now can do so without any hassle of DSLR or anything.

The home button is rumored to be replaced by a TouchID sensor. Also, the internal memory is said to be very high, upto 256GB and that too, built-in! This is great for storing huge amount of documents, gallery, music, apps and much more.


Until now, the features seem to be worth the price. But in the end, it depends on the actual iPhone 7 that will be released in the third quarter of 2015, most probably.



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