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iPhone 7 Price And Release Date In France


Patience to wait for the upcoming offering of Apple, iPhone 7, is blasting with each passing day. Features such as dual-camera and wireless ear buds are further increasing the curiosity. Maybe their anticipation didn’t end with the current generation of iPhone, iPhone 6s, and 6s Plus. Whatsoever the reasons are, the people here in France want to know the iPhone 7 price and release date in France. Maybe they want to count days or lessen their excitement. Here we are going to tell you when you will be having your hands on the upcoming iPhone 7 in France and how much you will have to pay for it expectedly.

iPhone 7 Price and Release date in France


iPhone 7 Price

So far, Apple is expected to keep the price of its upcoming iPhone 7 same at $649 for the base model. The competition has become intense now, and increasing the price of already expensive iPhones will give a huge loss to Apple. However, it will not be the same in France. In France, it will be influenced by some factors. One of them is the exchange rate. Euro stood at $0.92 at the time of writing this article. According to speculations, Euro will be of $0.90 at the time of the release of iPhone 7. That means around €585 for the upcoming iPhone. Adding other expenses, such as shipment and maintenance. Moreover, there is 20% tax on smartphones in France, which will be applicable to the price of the iPhone along with other charges. All these factors will make the iPhone 7 price in France to touch around €720. To be more precise, it will more likely to be €749 or €699.

Past Release Dates

In France, everyone has moved to or are moving to the smartphone, mostly to the iPhone. iPhone has been proved as their favorite smartphone. That is the reason why Apple has put France on the list of their top priority countries. In past, it has been seen that every generation of iPhone was released in France in the first phase of its international release. This time too, it is apparent that France will join the countries which will get the iPhone on very first day of its release. So, iPhone 7 international release date is of more concern than the iPhone 7 release date in France.

International Release Date

The thing which we can expect very precisely about the Apple is the release date of its smartphone. We have seen Apple following a pattern of releasing its iPhone. From the past, Apple has been releasing its iPhone in the mid of September. According to the reports and rumors we hear, this time too Apple is expected to stick with its pattern, which means we will see the upcoming iPhone 7 in September this year.


Expected iPhone 7 Price and Release Date in France

As we told you, people in France will get their hands on iPhone 7 on the very first day of its international release. Furthermore, Apple isn’t in the mood to change its release date pattern. The price of iPhone 7 is expected to be more or less same as the previous generations. Thus, it is obvious to conclude that iPhone 7 price and release date in France will be either €699 or €749, and will be released in the mid of September, likely around 20th of it.


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