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iPhone 7 Price and Release Date In Greece


A huge number of Android users switched to the iPhone in the recent years across Europe. Greece was among them where the rate was quite high. Maybe they got tired of using Android or were amazed by the Apple’s iPhone. Because the interest of people of Greece has shifted to iPhone so much that they are anticipating the upcoming iPhone 7 by now. So, we are here to sort some of your excitement. iPhone 7 price and release date in Greece for sure will be what we will be discussing.

iPhone 7 Price and Release Date In Greece

This time, Apple is expected to release three iPhones which will be iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro. Following is how we are going to determine the expected iPhone 7 price and release date in Greece.

iPhone 7 Price in Greece

iPhone’s price in Greece is subjected to a number of changes, as it is around the world. It makes them a bit more expensive than in the US where iPhones are originally sold. So, from where these changes come from and how they are going to affect the price of upcoming iPhone 7 in Greece? Let us answer you. These are some of the factors which influence the price of iPhone 7 in Greece.

Exchange Rate

Surely, the value of currency in Greece is different from that in the US. One is stronger than other. But their currency faces some fluctuation. This fluctuation will determine how much of your currency will be needed to match the one in the US to buy the upcoming iPhone 7. At the time writing, 1 Euro cost $0.92. But at the time of the release of iPhone, its value is definitely going be to change. There isn’t any tool to determine exactly what it will cost at that time. But according to the prediction of Forex, the value of a Euro will decrease to $0.9. That means you will have to pay a bit more to buy the upcoming iPhone 7 in Greece.


Duty and Taxes

Apart from paying Apple for the price of an iPhone, you have to pay a fraction of it to your government as well. In the form of duty and taxes, you pay your government. You will be required to pay duty and taxes for the upcoming iPhone 7 as well. Fortunately, in Greece, smartphones are exempted from duty. But wait! 23% sales tax is still there for the smartphone. 23% we believe is quite a hefty percentage. iPhones, which is generally very expensive, become more expensive when a 23% of taxes will be applied. Note that the tax will not be applied on the smartphone only, but on its shipping and other charges as well.

Expected Total Price in Greece

Keeping in mind that Apple is most likely to price its upcoming iPhone 7 same as it priced its iPhone 6s and 6. That is $649 for a 16GB variant. When we add up all the effects, we get the price of iPhone 7 in Greece around €750. Most probably €749 or €789.

iPhone 7 Release Date in Greece

The graph of the release date of iPhone in Greece is almost random. There is no sequence of release date in Greece. Apple has been releasing its iPhone in Greece after a different number of days from international release. For iPhone 4s, the difference was 27 days. But for iPhone 5, the difference was increased to 41 days. Not only that, when it comes to iPhone 5s, it was released after 35 days. The up and down doesn’t end here. The next in the list is iPhone 6, which took 42 days after the international release to come in Greece. Many of you by now, might guess that it took around 30 to 40 days for an iPhone to be released in Greece. But you will be shocked to hear that the current and latest generation of iPhone, iPhone 6s, took only two weeks to be released in Greece.

Release Date of iPhone 7

What make Apple release its iPhone 6s earlier in Greece? The answer, of course, is the people who are shifting to iPhone in large number. But what will be expected for the iPhone 7 price and release date in Greece? The reason why Apple released iPhone 6s earlier is still prevailing in Greece. Which means the people of Greece will have their hands on the upcoming iPhone 7 just as earlier. Thus, it is expected that iPhone 7 release date in Greece will occur after two weeks of its release date in the US, which is till now expected to be in the mid of September.

Expected iPhone 7 Price and Release Date In Greece

In the end, we can conclude that Either €749 or €789 and the beginning of October will be expected iPhone 7 price and release date in Greece respectively. We will update you if come to know of changes in them.

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