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iPhone 7 Price & Release Date In India


There is no denying fact that iPhone has been favorite of emerging nations as well. India is a perfect example of it. The number of sales has been persistently increasing in India, making it one of the huge potential market for Apple. There is so much hype about the upcoming model of iPhone, iPhone 7 in India. A number of questions are being asked about it. One such is the iPhone 7 price in India. Have a look at what it will be.

iPhone 7 Price In India

Expected iPhone 7 Price in India

Back when iPhone 6s was launched in India, it was the most expensive country to buy an iPhone 6s. The reason being that the India was a new market for Apple. Lack of dealerships was making it hard for Apple to manage its sales. But things are changed since then. Airtel and Vodafone have joined hands with Apple to make the iPhone available to India. How will they make it in the case of the upcoming iPhone 7 price in India will depend on.

Base Price

The very basic component of every iPhone. So far, we are convinced that there will be good news about the base price of iPhone 7. It is that Apple will keep it same as that of iPhone 6s, following the price trend that it set with the release of iPhone 6, That means the upcoming iPhone 7 will be priced at $646 for a 16GB variant.

Exchange Rate

The very irritating factor of determining any price, at least for us. The reason being that it keeps changing. At the time of writing, $1 cost was Rs.68. However, there is a rising trend prevailing in dollars. According to it, $1 will cost around Rs.75 at the time of iPhone 7 release date in India. By making a calculation, we can say that iPhone 7 price in India will be around Rs.48,500 or more precisely RS.49,999. Note that there are no taxes and duties on smartphones in India.



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iPhone 7 Price Release Date In India
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