iPhone 7 Price And Release Date In Malaysia


iPhone 7 is one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year. Its anticipation is no less in Malaysia. It is rumored to be the first iPhone which will be waterproof, and is sure to give Samsung’s Galaxy S7 a tough time. Features get updated over time but a concern of Malaysians remains constant which is the iPhone 7 price and release date in Malaysia. Apple definitely isn’t going to address their concern anytime sooner. But here we come to give you some expectation about the date on which iPhone 7 is most probable to reach Malaysia along with its expected price.

iPhone 7 Price and Release Date in Malaysia

The iPhone 7 price and release date in Malaysia are expected  on the following basis.

iPhone 7 Price in Malaysia

The price of upcoming iPhone 7 is definitely going to be determined by some factors which will influence its price in countries other than the US. So what they are and how they are going to affect the price of iPhone 7, let’s have a discussion on it.

Base Price

The base price of iPhone 7 is a major determinant of its price in Malaysia. Till now it is expected that Apple this time will be following the trend it set two years back. It was iPhone 6 from which the trend started. Since then, iPhone 6s has been part of this and same is expected for upcoming iPhone 7. There are number of reasons to believe in that. Firstly, iPhones already are much expensive than other competitors, i.e. Samsung. Secondly, Apple is having a hard time with sales of its current generation of iPhone, iPhone 6s. If Apple increases its price, sales will not be able to recover. This way, Apple is highly expected to price iPhone 7 for $649.


Exchange Rate

This factor accounts for the difference in prices in every country. Higher currency value definitely means more purchasing power. At the time of writing, 1 US dollar cost 4.18 Malaysian Ringgit. There is some up and down in it, though. On average, it is expected to be 4.2 Malaysian ringgit for a dollar till the release of iPhone 7. Accordingly, iPhone 7 price in Malaysia excluding tax and duties is calculated to be around 2725 Malaysian ringgit.

Duties and taxes

Fortunately, Malaysia is in the list of countries where smartphone are exempted from duties. Moreover, there is sales tax on it but to a very minor percent, only six. By calculation and adding miscellaneous expenses, all you will have to pay for the upcoming iPhone 7 will be around RM3200. More precisely, RM 3199, as Apple’s pricing strategy. This means it would be same as that of iPhone 6s.

iPhone 7 Release Date in Malaysia

Apple’s date of releasing iPhone in Malaysia is very random. Nobody can guess when Apple will show up its new generation of iPhone. Same is the case with the release of iPhone 7 in Malaysia. On the other hand, the authenticity of high flying rumors is nowhere around. This reduces the certainty of our estimations. Fortunately, a lead is clearly shown by Apple this time which enables us to conclude the iPhone 7 release date in Malaysia to some extent.

From the release of two recent generations of iPhone, iPhone 6s and 6, it is a clear indication that Apple is trying to reach every corner of the world and as soon as possible. Every major country, including Malaysia, is able to get its hands on latest iPhone sooner than before. In Malaysia, the time taken by iPhone 6s and 6 to reach after its international release was way too less than previous generations. iPhone 6s took only 21 days. If Apple tries a little harder, of which intentions are quite visible, then it will take no more than 2 weeks from the international release to reach Malaysia.

Expected iPhone 7 Price and Release Date in Malaysia

Till now it is expected that iPhone 7 price and release date in Malaysia will take two weeks after the international release of iPhone 7, which is pretty obvious to occur in the mid of September, probably around 20th of it. As calculated, its price is going to be same as what iPhone 6s costed. There is no official claim on it, though. We will be updating you as soon as we get any new thing to share with you.

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