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iPhone 7 Price And Release Date In Netherlands


Apple’s iPhone has been proved as the darling smartphone of Europe. The high rate of increase in iPhone in Europe, and at the same time, the decline of Android is an evidence of that. Netherlands is no exception. Dutch people love the iPhone as much as it is loved in Europe. The upcoming iPhone 7 is no exception, especially because of the dual camera which it will bring. They are very curious to know the iPhone 7 price and release date in Netherlands. Maybe they want to start counting days or so. Well, whatever the reasons are, we are definitely here to help you reduce your curiosity. You will get to know all about iPhone 7 price and release date in Netherlands in this post.

iPhone 7 Price and Release Date in Netherlands

iPhone 7 Price in Netherlands

The price of upcoming iPhone 7 is at the mercy of the exchange rate and taxes, along with base price tagged by Apple. What they are up to is our main concern to determine the final price of iPhone 7 Netherlands. The brief info on how they will affect the price of iPhone 7 is below.

Base Price

Apple is all set to price the upcoming iPhone 7 according to the trend it has set two years back. $649 was the base price set for the iPhone 6. A year later, iPhone 6s was also priced at same cost. This time too, the same amount is expected to cost for the upcoming iPhone 7. The reason for sure is that Apple currently isn’t in the state to defend the rise in price. For the reason being the dip in sales of iPhone 6s. Apple can not surge in the market which is becoming tense with each passing day. So, for iPhone 7, $649 is expected to be the base price.

Exchange Rate

This is the factor which is going to hurt you for iPhone 7. Hold on! it can benefit you as well. The matter is simple. If Euro appreciates against US dollar, iPhone 7 is going to be cheaper than iPhone 6s. But, if it is reversed, the price of iPhone 7 will be more than that of iPhone 6s. However, we are having a stable rate so far, i.e. 1 US dollar cost €0.9 at the time of writing this article. It is expected to remain same at the time of the release of iPhone 7 according to Forex. This means that iPhone 7 is likely to cost same as iPhone 6s in Netherlands.  It is likely to cost around €710 or €749 as Apple prices its iPhone. That price will be inclusive of taxes and duties.


iPhone 7 Release Date in Netherlands

Apple is repaying the Dutch people from the very beginning by releasing every generation of iPhone in lesser time in Netherlands. From the very first generation of iPhone, Apple is releasing it in Netherlands in the second phase of its international release. It means what? Simply, this time too, Apple is surely going to release iPhone 7 in the second phase, along with the iPhone 6C which is also rumored to surface.. Thus, the only thing left to determine is the difference between the international release date of iPhone 7 and its second phase.

For your bad, there is no proper sequence in the difference between two periods of release date. It can be a week or two. Mostly it is one, as iPhone 5, 5s, 6 contrast in release date was so. However, the present generation of iPhone, iPhone 6s, took two weeks. In this way, for iPhone 7, we can say that it could be any of them, either one week or two.

iPhone 7 International Release Date

We spoke before about the difference between release dates between the first and second period of it. Yet that isn’t sufficient to know iPhone 7 release date in Netherlands. Have we got the release date for the first phase? No, however, we will. According to our expectations, Apple will adhere to its customary release date which is mid of September, for the most part around twentieth. That implies the second period of the release date will be either before or after the beginning of October.

Expected iPhone 7 Price and Release Date in Netherlands

So, what we have concluded is that iPhone 7 is likely to hit shelves in Netherlands around the beginning of October. It is expected to cost €749 in Netherlands, same as it was for iPhone 6s. This iPhone 7 price and release date in Netherlands is highly anticipated one. However, we will keep you updating with the every new development regarding it.


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